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Title: SC-Drones
Image: coming soon.
Author(s): ninekorn
Description: drones
Current Mod version: Beta V0.2
Game version: latest
Game mode: all

V0.1: https://youtu.be/J7g7dVo-hCk

* The Drones/follower are only following the owner/player. They have no other decisionsDate completed: 2017-07-10

V0.2: https://youtu.be/Nu06sZGVmpc

Current completed behavior:

* The Drones/follower are following the owner/player to get close to a certain distance of the owner/player
* The Drones/follower are also chasing after their owner/player if the owner/player gets away of a certain distance
* The Drones/follower are also now attacking pirates when the pirates are at a certain distance from the drones/follower
* The Drones/follower are also now unlocking from their targets (pirates) if the owner/player gets too far away from them and instead are deciding to chase the owner/player
* The Drones/follower are also now NOT attacking Miners-Turret-Merchant at will. will try to implement more features here so that if they get attacked by those that they engage and if the player decides to attack those Miner-Turret-Merchant that they also attack them
Objectives to complete:

* The Drones/follower need to be able to dock Inside the owner/ship and also undock at the press of a button.
* ***Completed***The Follower need to be able to "dock" or be instantly docked Inside the player when the player docks at a station.***Completed*** The Follower Docks on station when the player is docked on station. Otherwise it follows normal routine.
* ***Completed***The Drones/follower need to be able to also jump from Jumpgates to follow player if they are undocked from the player.***Completed***
* ***other important behavior implementations***
Date completed: 2017-07-11

Looks interesting!

Indeed, if you finish this mod into a complete form I'd like to feature it on the site, as I'm sure many people could find the idea interesting :)
Don't forget to upload the mod to Steam later as well.

Ok! I dont know when i will be done as I would also like to do models for the mod. I got my job approx 40 hours a week but right now im devoting all my freetime to this mod! because i love the game.

No worries. Whenever you are done just post here and we will think of something :)


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