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I need to create a player entity in the game without it beeing a real player if that makes any sense. I wanna try something out. Can you guys tell me if you've got a function like that or at least point me at the right script to look at for player generation? Also which script decides where player is spawned. Sorry for asking a lot of questions.

Not sure about create a "player", but some missions in the game give you a follower ship. It has its own AI and follows set of rules. You can see how it works for those missions. Hopefully it helps.

I really need to keep more than one system alive at all times if possible. My solution was to create an empty entity "player" to do that in each system that I want alive.

For instance.  I know that systems are "alive" when there is a player Inside of them at all times. Thats what i understood at least. But with my mod plans i need to have more than 1 system alive without the need of having a player Inside of it. Is there a solution for this?

Ok ive managed to fix a lot of bugs in version 0.2 of the follower/drones mod. Ive also decided to separate the follower Mod from the Drone mod. Right now the version will be v0.3Follower mod. I will work later on the drone mod. Down you can read changes and bug fixes for Version v0.3 of the Follower mod.

Title: SC-Follower
Image: coming soon.
Author(s): ninekorn
Description: drones
Current Mod version: Beta V0.3
Game version: latest
Game mode: all

V0.3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgP3BLgjxMY&feature=youtu.be

Current completed behavior:
•The Follower are following the owner/player to get close to a certain distance of the owner/player which i call the AI closestDistanceToPlayer.
          * If pirates are coming Inside a specific radius around the player the follower will start attacking the enemy Inside the closestDistanceToPlayer. The Follower will also chase the
             Pirate in the middleDistanceToPlayer but not in the furthestDistanceToPlayer.
          * If the player is docking at a base in that closestDistanceToPlayer then the follower will stop all actions and will also start the docking procedure.
          * If the player is jumping in a Jumpgate from that distance then the follower will also stop all actions and jump with the player.
          * If the player is Inside a station and the follower is very far away from the player for some reasons then the follower will retrace which station the player is currently docked at
             and follow the route to that station and dock Inside the station.
          * If the player undocks from the station then the follower will also undock from the station.

•The Follower are also chasing after their owner/player if the owner/player gets away of the closestDistanceToPlayer and is in the middleDistanceToPlayer.
          * All the behavior of the closestDistanceToPlayer AI still applies to the middleDistanceToPlayer AI. The only difference really beeing that in that range if the Follower
             AI doesnt have any targets it will try to get closer to the Player to get Inside the closestDistanceToPlayer.
•The Follower are also now unlocking from their targets (pirates) if the owner/player gets too far away from them and instead are deciding to chase the owner/player.
          * This behavior happens when the player is out of the closestDistanceToPlayer and out of the MiddleDistanceToPlayer. AI would then be in the furthestDistanceToPlayer zone.
          * The docking and jumping procédures of earlier AI behavior still apply here but the AI will not lock on any targets close it itself. It will start locking on target when it gets in
             Range of the player (a fix is coming for this one. I want the Follower AI to start chasing the enemy whenever the distance of any enemy gets Inside the middleDistanceToPlayer instead
             of chasing the player to get Inside the middleDistanceToPlayer. Coz right now if the follower is Inside the FurthestDistanceToPlayer it will start chasing the player and will
             not target the enemies coming in the middleDistanceToPlayer once the follower itself is not Inside the MiddleDistanceToPlayer.
•The Follower are also now NOT attacking Miners-Turret-Merchant-Patrols at will. will try to implement more features here so that if they get attacked by those that they engage and if the player decides to attack those Miner-Turret-Merchant that they also attack them.

Objectives to complete:

• I need to create topics or a possibility of dialogue between the follower and the player when both of them are Inside a station. I have got no clue on how to create dialogue at the moment. I mean ive tried a lot of things but none work.
• I want to make it possible that in those topics the player gets the choice to repair the follower ship.
• I want to make it possible that in those topics the player gets the choice to buy items for the follower ship.
• I want to make it possible that when repair devices or mining devices are fitted on the follower ship that they also have the possibility to be activated.

Date completed: 2017-07-15

Can't wait for this to be finished! It looks supercool  8)!

I'd love to use it on my local server :-)



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