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Suggested (minimal) hardware for server


Hey i want to start server for me and friends (and for anyone who wants to join). I want put it on dedicated server, but want to figure out first how hardware it should have - i just don't want to pay to much for server that will waste it hardware potential. Let say it will be 100 stars big, and max 10 players.

One core, 1.6 GHz desktop-class Intel or AMD CPU (not Atom), 1 Gb - should be more than enough.
If IO is slow, world saving may take a few seconds.
Bottomline - almost any VM on Linux will be good.

After launching the server connect to it and look into the server log to see the stats (reported every few seconds). It will display how much milliseconds it takes for a frame. Usually the server run on 40 FPS so every update should not exceed 25 ms. And load increases nearly linearly if more star systems are active (populated with online players) simultaneously. So 10 players in 10 different systems might be overwhelming for described server hardware, but 10 players in up to 3-4 systems should be handled very smoothly.

Oh so vps should be sufficient :)


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