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Multiplayer server connection stuck authenticating (unsolved)

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Game version: 0.8.0a
Game mode: Multiplayer
Bug location: Linux
Steps to reproduce: Join a server a few times
Reproduction rate: Seems to be after wanting to join again the server
Bug description: I notice quite often that when trying to connect to my server the screen stays on the loading part.
In the console of my server I see it's pending: "Asking Master server to check connection token"

Please drop me server+client logs to investigate this issue. Thanks for reporting!

This was totally my fault... I still had the game open in the main menu when I downloaded and opened the game again from the launcher.

Cause of the issue is having 2 times the game open.... You can close this topic...

Guess it was just luck... having the issue again after returning from doing the groceries.

logs can be found at http://junk.kunix.org/ve/logs305
Created 2 folders, one with all the logs from the server, one with the logs from my machine

After a restart of the VE server I can now connect again

Thanks for checking this out :)

ai_enabled, some more info... when I connect the first time and then disconnect, if I reconnect straight away no issues. After some time when I try to connect I get the authenticating issue.

I am guessing your server is running on windows?


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