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Hello, I've got some experiences with the launcher for you. It's basically just a bug report, though I have some general feedback/criticism about that I'll post separately in the near future. In general, I'm very glad there is a launcher that can handle (hopefully) frequent patching in a graceful manner.

So I've got the launcher and downloaded my first version, which happened to be 0.8.0a at the time. I didn't have time to play though, so a day or so later I started the launcher again and was delighted to see that a patch was out and only about 2 MB had to be downloaded (leading to 0.8.2b). Unfortunately, patching failed with a checksum error (or something like that) and I was told to click repair. After that that the launcher was happy that all was good (I don't think anything was downloaded at this point, but I was out of the room for a little while so I don't know).

Forward a couple of hours and I finally have time to actually play. I start the game (via the .exe, not from launcher) and am immediately told that there is a new version. I didn't expect another version to be out again, so I didn't even start the launcher first... I exit, start the launcher and there doesn't seem to be anything new (still showing 0.8.2b and a green checkmark). The game itself displayed the version as 0.8.0 in the main menu, so I thought something had gone wrong, and I clicked on verify files. I'm told my copy is corrupt and it starts downloading the game again, even though there is a perfectly valid path to the current game version already downloaded: The 'downloads' folder of the launcher contains both full 0.8.0a and patch 0.8.0a --> 0.8.2.

If I start the game from the launcher, it's fine (and now it even displays the correct version, only the 'b' is missing). If I start it directly (via VoidExpanse.exe), it will still tell me that there is a new version available on the website (but it also shows 0.8.2 in the main menu), and ask if I want to go download it. Upon exit I can verify files with the launcher just fine though, everything seems to be OK (no checksum errors).
In the properties of the VoidExpanse.exe (on the details tab) I get a version of at the moment, that wasn't helping in finding out which game version I actually had when problems arose. Might be useful to set this to the actual version of the game ;)

I've uploaded the the log files that the launcher generated to here, but there isn't exactly much specific information in them (please allow small attachments to the forums!).

PS/Sidenote: The whole reason I want to launch the .exe directly is that this is a unity game, and therefore supports '-popupwindow' as a command line switch to start the game in borderless window mode (or rather turns a normal window mode into a borderless one). I have multiple monitors and I usually play with games full-screen on one without the game minimizing upon task switch (so I can use a music player or browser on the second monitor). Since the launcher doesn't allow specifying command line switches (yet?), I'd like to keep doing that. The only thing that seems to break at the moment (well, break is a bit too harsh a word for getting a popup) is that weird version check though, as I assume you disable that with "-fromLauncher"?

Thank you for so detailed report and logs!
"patching failed with a checksum error"
Unfortunately, there was an issue with the Zip library ("DotNetZip") we used: sometimes it produced corrupted archives. We fixed it with the latest Game Launcher release yesterday.

"I'm told my copy is corrupt and it starts downloading the game again"
It's connected with the previous issue. Fixed now. Game Launcher is pretty smart, it knows what downloaded versions it has and will not download full distributive if it can be obtained by applying a patch.

"Since the launcher doesn't allow specifying command line switches (yet?)"
Thanks for notice. We just added this feature in the latest Game Launcher release, just create file with name ".launch_args_custom" near executable and put extra command line args in there.


Hi guys,

I am having a problem with the launcher as well. It just won't start. As soon as it appears there is an error window with the following message:

Unhandled exception occured:
System.FormatException: Stringa non riconosciuta come valore DateTime valido.
   in System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles styles)
   in kWbm9CtBWsM5Ua3ZMWe.jLH3JBtxG l7IKs7Me2q.EbZDVSQKRQ(XDocument  )
   in wJqe23LMFu6SjgXNpCg.Cp09VOLuW YyAyrVeJjw.<>c__DisplayClass1.<GetAsync>b__0(Object s, DownloadStringCompletedEventA rgs e)
   in System.Windows.Threading.Exce ptionWrapper.InternalRealCall (Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
   in MS.Internal.Threading.Excepti onFilterHelper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate method, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)

When I click ok the launcher just shuts down.

I'm on windows7 64bit.

Let me know if there is something I am doing wrong. Thanks.


--- Quote from: Seventitu on June 07, 2014, 02:21:22 am ---I am having a problem with the launcher as well. It just won't start. As soon as it appears there is an error window with the following message.
--- End quote ---
Hello! Thanks for reporting! I've found the source of this issue. We have not tested Game Launcher under various Windows Region settings. The date format is different for Italian, but the application expects date format only for English language.
Fixed version will be released early next week!
As temporary workaround, you can switch format ("Start->Control Panel->Region") to the "English (United States)". Sorry for inconvenience.

That's fine I'll wait for the update early next week and thanks for the quick reply ! :)


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