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Antivirus Alarm: RuntimeMono.exe is trojan TR/Dropper.MSIL.Gen


Hello everyone  :)

This is not really a bugreport, but an information: during unzipping the game, my antivirus program (Avira Antivirus Free) startet to shout: The object VoidExpanse_Win_v0.8.4c\Server\Mono\AtomicTorch.SpaceRPG.Server.RuntimeMono.exe is suspected to be the trojan TR/Dropper.MSIL.Gen :o

Now im wondering, if someone else is having similar issues with other antivirus programs?! Any suggestions, why this has came up?


Hello! Thanks for reporting!
To be sure, you can upload any suspected file to the VirusTotal. I've checked it https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/1f13ad7e53e6403a971e89bdb30c2acc0d1f638df69135e15093a1dacfe2f9e4/analysis/1404218032/ as you can see, only two rare antivirus software detects it as trojan, 51 antiviruses reports "ok".
We're using obfuscator (some kind of protector) on .NET/Mono executable files, and noted it have some problems with obfuscation with Mono. It may be fixed with next release. But I'm not sure is it will be detected by your antivirus as trojan anymore.
By the way, you can delete VoidExpanse_Win_v0.8.4c\Server\Mono completely - it's required only if you want to setup the VoidExpanse GameServer under Linux/Mac OS.


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