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Good evening everyone, congratulations on the game, very exciting.
I really appreciated the new possibility of being able to create a "personal" local server.
But I have questions about it.
Can I delete the server, i.e. make a wipe, to start the game over, a new game with a new character?
If yes, how? I have tried to get the console out with the @ key (italian keyboards don't have the tilde, and anyway i have also assigned several keys to the command to see the console from the game)
But no console comes out in game... does the local server have a console that comes out in game? Because in the one that comes out in the cmd window, it is impossible to write commands.
In practice, i would like to understand if i can restart a new game with a new character and if it is possible to see the console in game on local server.
Thanks and excuse my English ;)


Eventually, we're planning to provide the necessary features to control local server right from the game client.
Meanwhile, you can manage the savegames and edit server settings and rates config files from this folder:

--- Code: ---<your Documents>\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall

--- End code ---
If the folder is not available, probably the access was restricted and the game used the fallback path that you can just copy-paste into Windows Exporer's address bar:

--- Code: ---%LocalAppData%\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall

--- End code ---

To wipe the savegame, just rename or remove the "Saves" folder there.

To give yourself server operator access (admin console), here is a quote from the server setup guide regarding this:

--- Quote ---11. While you're still editing "SettingsServer.xml" file, please find the value <server_operators_list> and change it to include your nickname! Otherwise, you will be unable to access your server console from the game and also you will be unable to edit the server's Description and Welcome message.
--- End quote ---
We recommend using Notepad++ to edit the configuration files.

Enjoy the game!


Everything works great, thank you and congratulations again for the game.
 ;) :)


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