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Small Issues Found Thus Far with 0.9.0

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Just starting a small list here for you guys. :)

1) Gentleman bonus on quests seems bugged.  It's giving me something like 2 XP and 5 extra cash per reward when the notification of the bonus comes up.  I suspect it's because the data files list the bonuses as 0.05 base / 0.15 per level when the engine is actually expecting +5 / +15 respectively.  (I'll test this out later with BTC if I have a chance.)

2) Banshee Mk2, ballistic turret got moved to off-center (by accident, I imagine) and now appears to the right of the circle on the hull.  Seems to just be a positional element in the hull data.

3) Getting the occasional issue on attempts to quit the program where it freezes and I need to kill the entire voidexpanse.exe process to escape.

4) Can't get any sort of .MPK files to work with the new version.  I figured maybe it was just an issue with outdated data files, so I did an experiment and just tried cloning core.cpk, giving it a different and unique ID and info, then saving it as a .mpk and loading it as a mod with all the default data; same issue, game will load but when I try to start or load a game it hangs on connecting to the local server.  I also tried taking my mod and substituting it in for core.cpk and it loaded 100% okay, so the issue seems contained to .mpks.

5) Related to #4, in the interim until .mpks work again I've just been modifying the .cpk on my local drive in an effort to update my mod stuff to 0.9.0.  Was working just fine until I attempted to add a new skill into the mix, at which point I get no errors when starting the game and the .xmls parse just fine, but if I attempt to start a new game or load the VE logo starts to come up before the game freezes up.  All I did to create the new skill was copy light_direct_weapons.xml, then did all the usual stuff (gave it a new ID, description, filename, and then changed the effect type at the bottom).  Removing the new skill from the directory brought me back to a fully-usable version again.  Adding the new effect under qualifications in effect_definitions_qualificat ions.xml seemed to work just fine, though, so the issue seems to the engine just trying to find a place to slot in the new skills.  Is there a list of any sort that I need to add new skills to elsewhere?  Back in the previous version I just added new skill .xml files and it found a place to put them inside the game skilltree automatically.

Bwahaha, found an additional 'bug' that is probably unintended, but it took me a bit to realize what had gone down.

Took a bounty mission, killed the pirate, didn't get progress toward the quest (which is now stuck).  Pretty sure the reason it happened is that I killed him via ramming and thus it didn't attribute the kill to me. :D  Not really sure what you guys can do to fix that, but yeah!

Hello! Thanks for reporting!
We're working on fixing reported issues. Please could you upload mpk file for us? With our test mods we can't reproduce issues #4 and #5, everything works as expected.
Issues #1, #2 and #6 fixed, #3 under investigation :-).

Actually, I think I found the issue with #4!

Previously I had been including the version of the mod in the .mpk filename and it still worked fine.  For instance, my last iteration was BTC 0.1.0; filename was BTC_010.mpk, header ID was 'btc', version number was 0.1.0, and the launcher seemed to correctly set the ModsConfig.xml pointer to 'btc_0.1.0' just fine.

When I started updating the mod, though, I moved to version name BTC 0.2.0; filename was BTC_020.mpk, header was 'btc', version number 0.2.0.  When selecting the mod via the patcher, however, it was setting the pointer in ModsConfig.xml to 'BTC_020_0.2.0' instead of 'btc_0.2.0'.  I changed the name on the file to exactly match the ID in header.xml and voila!  Worked just fine.

So at least now I have it working, though I'm not sure if that's intended behavior or not.  Would be nice if we could still include the version number in the filename so people could tell at a glance if they had the most recent version. :)

Ok, thanks! v0.9.1 released now with fixes of listed issues.


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