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Corrupt save game :(

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Hi Guys,

First off, thanks for making such a great game! Been waiting for something like Escape Velocity for a lifetime now  ;D

I got stuck in on 0.9.4 stable and about 3 times the game seem to feel like it was having a memory leak as it got extremely slow every few hours of play time, then it would crash but was ok because it loaded back up fine.

After the third crash I loaded back up and it now reports my save is corrupted!  :'( Anyway to fix it? Got to about lvl 50+ and was about to head into the red zone of doom when it died..

I couldn't see how to attach logs, if you need more let me know.



Hello! Thanks for reporting!
For "it got extremely slow every few hours of play time" issue - yes, we know about it and the fix is under development.

Please upload somewhere and send me via private message:
1. corrupted savegame.
2. game logs (server & client, you can locate them in the GameLauncher by clicking on the "gears" button near "Play").
I'm not sure if we can recover it, but at least we can fix bug in the savegames system to prevent such issues in the future.

Expanding Man:
I've experienced the same problem with a corrupted save.  Also experiencing the memory leak, it most heavily affects the UI.

We will get to work on monday and fix the issue with the saves as well as some other small issues reported since our Steam Greenlight launch.
As for memory leak, hm.. That's unexpected, although if that's the case then unfortunately it is beyond our control as the UI engine is developed by another studio, but they are really cool guys and always listen to all reports so I am sure they will find a solution to that as well.

Expanding Man:
To be clear, I can't be sure the memory leak is UI related, but it certainly seems that way (I have not tried to play for an extended period of time without opening the inventory screens), the slowness seems to affect the inventory screen much more strongly than any other.


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