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Reduce base micro-management
« on: January 28, 2021, 05:50:30 pm »
I'd like if buildings could use barrels in a small radius, both push and pull. Barrels must have at least 1 unit of a substance in them to define the barrel that a building can push too. So, the advanced oil pump can push into a barrel with oil, then the oil refinery can pull from that barrel, provided they are near each other, and deposit gas and mineral oil into appropriate barrels. 1 unit would always be left in a barrel from an auto pull, pretend it's because the auto-pump can't get the last few drops (-:

Further to that, have a new crate, a Smart Crate. This uses a small amount of electricity, either constant or when used to pull from. This is linked to benches within a small radius, so you can go to a bench and not need to worry about having to gather the required number of resources from various crates beforehand.

Have the ability to setup queues in things like furnaces, cooking stoves etc. Currently, I put 100 iron ore and 100 copper ore in a furnace, I can only select Iron Ingots, then have to keep checking when they are done to then select the Copper Ingot recipe, I should be able to say, make all the Iron Ingots you can, then switch to Copper Ingots.

This would introduce an aspect of base layout management, and reduce some of the micro-management aspects.

I know in a previous post you talked about the difficulty of linking crates to benches, as someone could have a crate in a secure room, by creating a crate specifically designed for linking, the smart crate, I feel it helps avoid this situation, also applying a radius might help limit the scope of items, though if it isn't too taxing, do we need a radius?

Also saw previously talk about the cost of data in some regions, you wouldn't have to send the contents of all smart crates in radius, there is also the possibility of sending a list of what items I can craft and how many of each, vs a list of contents of all linked smart crates, this could be calculated on the server and just the bench item and qty sent to the client, saving data, though on regions where data is cheap, maybe easier to save server processing and just send crate list, not sure.