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Chat channels
« on: January 31, 2021, 10:59:47 pm »

If its not complicated, due to some system limitation or just not being urgent, could it be considered to add more default chat channels for multiple languages. I ask since I end up blocking half or more of server players for using non English in global chat :( , not that I don't understand some of it, just think it is rude and annoying since some players probably don't, some of the "spam" goes on for hours and in European servers can have a few different languages being used same time in one channel. I understand it would probably not "force" players to use other channels, however, could be a way to mitigate issue. If multiple channels is complicated, due to number of potential languages and the "ego" issue with picking some over others, even if order is kind of set in store in my opinion ;D , maybe a English only and a non English to start and see, from usage, if it justify the effort to add more.