Docker Server tag "latest"

Started by VEEC023, May 11, 2021, 01:14:54 AM



Im hosting my own Server with a Docker Container for my friends and me. I would like to keep the server always up to date but I always have to search for the latest version by hand. For this reason it would be nice if you would tag the latest docker release with the tag "latest".

So peaple can just do a "docker pull atomictorch/cryofall-server:latest" and get the latest version. The next advantage is that I can use watchtower to send me a notification when a new version is available.

Thank you.


Please use 1.30 tag for the latest R30 version build.
We don't provide the latest tag as the update may be incompatible with the current version's savegame. (R31 Update will be compatible, but in about 6 months we're planning to ship a BIG update that may contain breaking changes)



Ah okay Sorry, I did not realize that that tag 1.30 is always the lastest version in this release.

Thanks for your help.