feedback and suggestions LATAM - lone wolf/prepper

Started by peters, June 24, 2021, 10:18:20 PM


I have played 3 wipes so far, all on PVP despite being more of a PVE myself.

1- there should be fast and slow LPs servers (with fast and slow wipes). I personally would rather play on a 1 year server with slow LP grinding, for the fun of it. i dont appreciate all my hard effort being wiped in 3 weeks.
2- it is also not fair for younger players, when all the hard grinders get to T4-T5 in a week, it gets to be impossible to play with them because they will run over you with their hoverboards and raids.
3- having said that, i would be happy to have a block of attacks, from T5 to T1-T3, and from T4 to T1-T2. It just gets too unfair.
4- i understand the raid mechanism, someone raids you and steals everything. Fair enough, life isnt fair and someone bigger than you stole you. But disallow the possibility that those who raided you to repeat that raid for x number of days (a week maybe). Otherwise a bully will go after you everytime your online and you will quickly quit.
5- fog of war, or hiding behind rock. When im
6- your rule of disallowing alliances does not work. On all wipes i played there are agreements between factions where they do/dont attack eachother all the time. It just does not work.
7- you should give points for certain periods of time, where you promote the #1 ranked faction to attack #2 and so forth. Promote the big guys to fight each other, and not the big guys to just go around the map raiding younger players.
8- factions should have max 2 players and not more. And i would always rather play on a 1 max faction limit, if i had the chance.
9- organize special events where big players can meet to fight.
10- leaving message on a note/sealed letter, after you raid someone, so you can provoke or stimulate anger
11- a lot more ores, with different colours, which would allow for our armors to be differenciated, and have different styles. It would also promote a true marketplace where people really use it.
12- insurance for specific boxes which could be constructed. They could be stolen still on a raid, BUT the owner would get his things back from insurer.
13- most wanted targets. Those who kill the most, are signalled on the map so everyone knows where they are and can be hunted
14- revenge potion. If you drink it, you are allowed ot know who raided you
15- most wanted targets. Those who raid the most, are signalled on the map
16- hitman for hire. I can pay x amount of resources, which together with other people, i offer my services to shoot down someone. Or someone putting my name up to be taken down.
17- a carrying animal that increases your max cargo, in case you go mining/raiding. It would be slow, it would be an easy target for enemies with no attacking/low attacking capacity. But i imagine a 1)miner+2)cargo carrier+3) defender of the team in order to protect them
18- bring the game less static/dead. Allow everyone to send out pings when they find interesting things out there
19- radar positioned markers on the ground that can be placed x cells outside from your central base walls. This data could be monitored on a central console at your base, which would show the enemies passing on certain areas close to your base
20- animal herds of +10/20 packs that react together. They could be aggressive or not as a group
21- Animal herd moving around the map. From time to time these herds would move from one quadrant to another across the map, it would allow the map not to be so stagnant, and challenge players to move around. (i know we have timed events, but theres no physical moving of animals)
22- More dungeons/monsters. i understand dungeons would create the possibility for new maps and worlds, and that is so fun and challenging.
23- a lot more animal variety. Taming, Herds, Farming, Pets, def!
24- Trading. I have the vision of trading 100 iron ore with someone, and physically a CPU trading party starts moving (can be timed) from your base to the purchaser's base. This CPU trading party could be RAIDED by enemy players, and you could move alongside her to protect her
25- As a lone wolf/prepper i am, i need booby traps, mines, hidden explosive and killing artifacts that allow me to protect against bullies. I can name many, just look for medieval booby traps
26- Ocean exploration is something i am personally not so keen. What could come out of this? It wouldnt be a priority for me
27- Rare ores. Its all about copper, iron, steel and gold, but id like to see some rarer minable ores in far away mountains, with squeezy access path only one can reach and not a party
28- Weather effects def, but im not so keen on temperature changes
29- Id love to have something i could practice and master. I know we have beer, wine, food, ore smelting and stuff like that, but they all come out at their BEST quality, you just need the resources to build. I understand material quality might not be something easy to build (it could come with experience, like a canned soup would start by being of poor quality, and after building 100 of them it is excellent and lasts more?) but id like to have something with variable inputs. For example the bees that you want to create. Having a beehive at the beach would produce better honey than on the mountains. Planting flowers around it give even higher productivity. Waiting for the better time interval to collect the honey would give more produce. Going through a mechanical process where you control heat temperature and time, would force you to better understand by practice the best ways to produce this honey (when i mention honey, it could be anything)
30- I personally do not like the large robots thing you get on T5. But please give the lone wolf/prepper for the chance to hinder them. Oil spill on the floor so he has decreased mobility? Setting them on fire with molotov bombs?
31- panic room. Not allowed to have any chests in it, only maybe freezer+water+bed but where i could reborn without being killed if base is under attack
32- Missile launcher. Think of the prepper being gangued up at his own house. These things would be massively expensive to build. But if one does i could hit 5 at a time and make them cry.
33- Cold/Hot water shower, that increases your health at home? It would use water and electricity.
34- Higher levels at home? Defensinve tower that overlooks an area?
35- Same with lower level underground. Having the possibility of a tunnel underground, where the prepper/lone wolf could avoid certain death and escape through the tunnel outside his own house and running away maybe with some relics on his pockets
36- Im more into animalistic vibe rather than the hoverboard and mechanoids, but machine wise we could have a very slow moving mechanical vehicle with higher defensive stats and low attack for groups. Very careful not to overpower this thing
37- Hidden treasures that we can bury. Imagine i feel a raid coming, or have a relic i do not want caught. I can then run through the map, find a nice spot and hid it. It could be found by a fow if he has the right treaure finding tool though
38- attaching items to your pets and farmed animals. I do not know which animals/pets you are bringing but you see the raid is coming, so just attach your precious things to your animals and set them free. whoever wants them will need to find and kill them first
39- mercenaries for hire. You are about/being attacked and you play alone/friends offline. Send immediatly an alert where you pay x resources for whoever comes to help. For those who want to trick you by showing and immediately getting away, it will be ultimately you who decide who gets paid or not. Expect some getting mad at you obviously
40- explosive traps hidden inside walls. So you think you got all those bombs and now you got me. Expect exploding walls in your face! They would need to be inserted from the construction, the explosive coulnt be added after built.