cryofive north americe The new map is very good. 建议做个大地图。

Started by QQ272168223, July 05, 2021, 11:44:25 PM


cryofive north americe µû░σ£░σ¢╛τë╣σê½σÑ╜∩╝îσ╗║Φ««σüÜΣ╕ÇΣ╕¬σñºσ£░σ¢╛πÇéσñܵ▓│µ╡üπÇéσñܵíÑπÇéσñÜΘüùΦ┐╣∩╝îτ⌐║σ£░σñÜ∩╝îσÅ»Σ╗Ñσ╗║σñºσƒ║σ£░∩╝îΦ╡äµ║ÉΘâ╜Σ╕ìτ╝║∩╝îτ▓ÿσ£ƒτƒ┐Σ╣ƒσêåµòú∩╝îσ╗║Φ««µû░σ£░σ¢╛σ¢¢Φ╛╣σ╗║σ«╢∩╝îµ»Åσ«╢τ╗ÖΣ╕ÇΣ╕¬µ▓╣τö░∩╝îσñûσ¢┤Θâ╜µÿ»τƒ┐σ▒▒∩╝îτƒ┐σ╖ÑσÅ»Σ╗Ñσ«ëσ┐âµîûτƒ┐∩╝îΣ╕¡Θù┤µ▓Öµ╝áµ▓╝µ│╜∩╝îΣ╕¡Θù┤µëôµ₧╢∩╝îσê╖µû░Θ½ÿτ║ºΦ╡äµ║É∩╝îΣ╣ƒσÅ»Σ╗Ñσ¡ªΣ╣áΘ¡öσà╜Σ║ëΘ£╕3∩╝îσ£░σ¢╛Φ«╛Φ«íµÇ¥Φ╖»∩╝îµ£ëσ╛êσñÜτ╗Åσà╕σ»╣µêÿσ£░σ¢╛∩╝îσ«îσà¿σ»╣τº░πÇé4v4  8v8σ£░σ¢╛∩╝îσƒÄσ╕éΘúĵá╝∩╝îσ╣│σ£░σñÜ∩╝îµêûΦÇàσ¡ªΣ╣áΘ¡öσà╜Σ║ëΘ£╕3σ»╣µêÿµ╕╕µêÅ∩╝îΦ┐¢µ╕╕µêÅσëìΘÇëµï⌐Σ╕╗σ«╢Σ╜ìτ╜«∩╝îσŬΦâ╜σ£¿Φºäσ«ÜτÜäΣ╜ìτ╜«σ╗║σ«╢∩╝îµ»ÅΣ╕¬Σ╜ìτ╜«τÜäΦ╡äµ║ÉΘâ╜µÿ»Σ╕ǵá╖τÜä∩╝îσ«îσà¿σà¼σ╣│τÜä

The new map is very good. It is suggested to make a big map. There are many rivers. Many bridges. There are many relics and lots of open space. You can build a large base, and there are no shortage of resources. Clay mines are also scattered. It is suggested to build homes on all sides of the new map. Each home is given an oil field, and there are mines on the periphery. Miners can dig mines at ease, desert and swamp in the middle, fight in the middle, and refresh advanced resources. They can also learn from Warcraft 3. Map design ideas. There are many classic battle maps, completely symmetrical. 4v4, 8v8 map, city style, flat land, or learn Warcraft 3 battle game. Before entering the game, you can choose the home location. You can only build your home in the specified location. The resources of each location are the same and completely fair


The map on the community CryoFive NA server is created by a community member and can be found here

We don't intend to create official custom PvP maps in the near future as we're busy with other development tasks (more content and features).