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中国玩家对这个服务器的建议。Official Global pvp
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Chinese players' suggestions for this server.Official Global pvp

Hello developer, I often play on this server and put forward some suggestions.

1. The trading system can exchange goods for goods, one group of steel for two groups of iron, one group of rubber, bypass the coin machine, be especially friendly to novices, and directly collect materials for exchange,

2 Vehicle permissions, base permissions, can you add a button, directly add 15 friend permissions, one by one is too difficult.

3 The map is too small for novices and small teams to play. Developers design the map to imitate nature, but the balance is poor. After mature old players occupy good resource points, bridgeheads, and transfer points nearby, later novices can't play. The novice experience is too bad,

Balance is considered when the map is larger. The resource points on the map can be symmetrical from left to right. You can refer to the Warcraft multiplayer map

The map can be designed with several more islands, medicine islands, salt islands, and what can fight for resources? You can build some worktables, but you can't build a territorial cabinet. You can also add salt mines in the tropics. The novice lacks management at the beginning, and the radiation intensity of the relics in the novice zone is reduced

The area of the frigid ice field is too large, the resources are scarce, there are no rubber trees, there are few mines, and no one can develop on it. It is recommended to reduce the area and expand the tropical area. Novice like to develop in the tropics

4 Faction mechanism There are three or four mature factions on the server. It is recommended to unite all novices to fight against big factions. The size of novice factions is another 30-40 people. After the server is deleted, just enter the server, you will create a novice faction in the novice faction,

, novices can exchange experience and learn from each other to fight against big factions. Skilled players can quit novice factions and create new factions themselves.


Thank you for your feedback.

1. Please note that CryoFall development has finished (currently we're working on a new game). We can adjust server rates, settings, etc, but changing game mechanics and adding new game mechanics is not possible.

2. It's recommended to transfer the base to faction ownership. With faction-owned land claim you don't have to manually manage the base access lists.

3. Please note that currently all the official PvP servers use a community-created small map due to a relatively low online number (the official map is about 8 times larger). The current map is this one
Feel free to post your suggestions for the map in the map's discussion thread. You can also create your own map by using CryoFall Editor.
While the current small map may not seem ideal for beginners, it was never intended to be the ideal map for everyone. It's intentionally a hardcore map and it's one of the reasons why all the big teams return to play each wipeΓÇöto compete and try their luck again.



好吧,我用CryoFall Editor,地图编辑器,能不能提供两张编辑好的地图文件,我再上面改一下,或者每个新手都可以上传自己的地图作品,其他玩家也能看到,下载修改,关注度高的,修改量大的,优秀地图可以单独开个服务器,给玩家体验,
Well, I use CryoFall Editor and map editor. Can I provide two edited map files? I can modify them again, or each novice can upload his own map works, and other players can also see it. Download and modify the maps with high attention and large amount of modification. Excellent maps can open a separate server to give players experience,


Feel free to share you creations here
If players find your map interesting, they can deploy it to one of the servers to try it out. If it becomes popular we can try it on the official servers.