Boss event timer

Started by Karsthans, January 30, 2023, 01:24:29 PM



We are having trouble keeping players interested or able to join this events with a 3 to 6 hour window, many players don't have 3 hours to wait for in game event, so if possible to consider changing that window to 1 hour would be helpful, something like a 5 or keep 6 hour timer with 1 hour window or fixed time, so player can plan when to be online and not spend up to 3 hours waiting.
If possible to consider implement other improvements, in my opinion, for this event on official player versus environment servers, like:

Boss spawning in exact center of spawn circle, so players can stand apart and not all group up in one place
Difficulty scaling, to provide challenge for 2 or 20 players and not be impossible or too easy
Event "party" so can see other players before event starts to coordinate better and know how many players are at event

I know development is finished, just asking if any of this suggestions could be implemented just by changing settings or using current systems that maybe could be adapted to other applications and improve game without need for major changes to game or new content,