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Mods / Re: Breaching the Core Full Mod Discussion
« on: May 05, 2015, 03:41:40 pm »
I've playing with a Hades destroyer and some Tachyon beams. Its ridiculously powerful, to the point where firing just 2 out of 4 beams is enough to one-shot a hive. Feels overpowered and not quite balanced.

Stumbled upon voidexpanse while browsing for spaceship type games on Steam. EV NOVA is one of my all time favorite games and VE just looked like a modern EV Nova.
When I read that VE was mod friendly that was all I needed to know to buy it.   

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Auto Loot feature?
« on: April 30, 2015, 12:23:28 pm »
With the way some fights go, i am worried about missing a container or forgetting it when everything is said and done. And who knows what kind of awesome item that container might have? Ok, I know that the loot tables in VE aren't exactly filled with Dreadnaughts and high end weapons, but i am something of a pack rat.

The issue with the loot screen is that its so damn big. If no auto loot then At least it should be smaller so that it doesnt block the entire screen.

Ideas and suggestions / Auto Loot feature?
« on: April 30, 2015, 10:19:43 am »
Can an auto loot feature be implemented
So I just hit F to grab the container I want and my ship automatically takes anything inside when it gets close enough. I should only get that trade window if something doesnt fit in my cargo hold.
Its a bit annoying having that window pop up when i am trying to fight aliens and loot at the same time.

I use a cargo cruiser as my mining vessel and using my cruise engines to run away while laying down a mine or two is a very viable strategy for long term survival in those AR-Level 50 systems.
What I would love to know is what ship that red dot represents when I see it moving towards my position. If its a small ship then I will stay and fight. If its something like a hammer, then I am out of there.

I've been playing this game for about 16 hours now and my preferred weapons are lasers. It seems like for laser and ballistic weapons users, radar is not that important. I've come up with a few suggestions to improve it and make it relevant even if you never launch a single missile your entire career.

1. Provide a few more details about the enemy ship that we have targeted. Its nice that we have the enemy pilot name, but I'd like to also know exactly what ship hull he is flying.

2. Let us target ships on our radar screen without getting a missile lock on them -  This way we can use our radar / sensors to figure out what is coming towards us. This will make all those radars with exceptionally long range really useful for the players that are flying mining ships and such. So a radar with a range of 100 would be a lot better than a radar with a range of 75 as it would give you advance warning of what is approaching you. Sometimes it can be important to know if that red dot approaching me is flying a Banshee or a Death Hammer 3000.

He who runs away lives to sell his ore another day :)

3. When I am targeting a ship with my radar, please make it stand out somehow on my radar screen so I know which one is being targeted. Maybe make the dot representing that ship a different color or just make it blink while I am targeting it.

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