Started by Swiur_Yngwi, August 30, 2018, 12:14:05 AM


You like to cooperate? Joining efforts should benefit? So, why don't we try this.

Team work

I donΓÇÖt know what is the main goal for the game set by its developers, but if it is a cooperation and team work then the ΓÇ₧to doΓÇ¥ list is long.
First of all, there should be an opportunity of making/ joining  some sort of community (like guild or tribe) with bonuses dealing from it.
Theoretically in every community, sooner or later, people start to specialize in their actions and professions. Someone is a farmer, other is a smith, warrior, etc. A new skill ΓÇ₧BrotherhoodΓÇ¥ should be introduced. And all guild members should receive experience points for every action every guild member will do. Because their single actions have an influence on all other guild members actions and alltogether they create a system. Bonusses, for example: level 5 ΓÇô all members gain +2 hp, level 10 ΓÇô mining, woodcutting, farming, crafting, etc speed increase by 2%, level 15 ΓÇô something, level 20 ΓÇô something.
A community can have a bonus from its complexity. The more professions (skill exp points of its members by types in comparison to a ΓÇ₧ideal community indexΓÇ¥) in a community the better rewards.
Message board and local chat for guild members. Chat is obvious, message board ΓÇô to leave notes to other members (for example request for resources, ΓÇ₧to doΓÇ¥ list) that are offline in particular moment to be read and edited in the future by the others. Wooden signs are to small ΓÇô checked.

I see a huge potential on the ΓÇ₧building communityΓÇ¥ field, with local trade, authority, crime and justice, and even urban planning instruments. But players need to feel save to move from one place to another. Guild can possibly guarantee that.


that's just op
and sorry for that but i feel it nonsence
except to the guild, tribe, i wold be nice to have a mark in the username
make a comunity now is super efective, make them over power will destroy the gameplay for lonewolfs


We are certainly planning to add team features later. At the very least - ability to team up with other players either in a party or a clan.
We will see how the idea develops. But we will have something for sure.