Author Topic: 你好我是中国玩家,建议服务器合并,分高中低难度服务器,很多新人,T3 武器都没制作出来就被老玩家抄家了  (Read 231 times)


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1你好我是中国玩家,建议服务器合并,分高中低难度的服务器,很多新人,T3 武器都没制作出来就被老玩家抄家了,新手被老玩家抄家,心态很容易崩溃不玩了,建议新玩家跟新玩家一起玩,降低BOSS难度,老玩家跟老玩家一起玩。同等水平的人一起游戏才有乐趣。


1Hello, I’m a Chinese player. I suggest that servers be merged and divided into high, medium and low difficulty servers. Many newcomers have been ransacked by old players before T3 weapons are made. Newbies are ransacked by old players, and their mentality is easy to collapse. New players play with new players to reduce the difficulty of BOSS, and old players play with old players. People of the same level have fun playing together.
2 It is recommended to add tutorial videos of team battles or personal tactics, what medicines to bring, and the uses of various medicines. After passing some tests, novices can enter the advanced server and play with old players. Do more teaching videos,
3 Organize some high-end player competitions, live on the official website, and win prizes.

Many suggestions are drawn from the glory of the king of China’s Tencent. The game should be confrontational, and the homes of high-end players should be ransacked. The game experience is very poor.


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thank you for your feedback!

1. As you know the game doesn't have many players to split them across many servers (especially if we're talking about only a certain regions like China). We do our best to consolidate players to ensure good online number on each PvP server.

Even if we somehow implement servers differentiated by difficulty, it's not viable to enforce players to play only on certain difficulty server because anyone can join any server. For new players, we recommend starting in PvE and learn the game basics there.

Regarding PvP servers, we've ensured that there are mechanics to prevent veteran players from advancing too quickly and gaining an advantage. Time gates are restricting tech progression for all players on the server simultaneously (with each new Tier becoming available for research every few days). If you have started early with the wipe, you have good chances to compete successfully (even if you're attacked often usually your loss is manageable, as for the first few days after the wipe it's early gameplay and there is little what raiders can gain by attacking you).
Without time gates other players would have bombs and mechs. It's not the case thanks to the Time gates system. It certainly saved the PvP servers from speedrunners.

2. We're a small studio focused on creating the game. We would be happy to see the community create such tutorials and videos. I saw plenty of community-created guides in various languages and I believe there is more to come soon!

3. We will consider it especially now as Factions system with leaderboard is ready.

Enjoy the game!