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Mods / Re: Co-Pilot Voices v1
February 06, 2015, 01:26:39 AM
That's a great idea for mod! And in general too. These default robotic co-pilots are so booring.
Pity that it's impossible to add additional voiced dialogs and quests with these characters -
I'm sure that'd be a lot of fun.
Keep up good work
Mods / Re: ModsConfig.xml
July 01, 2014, 11:23:15 PM
Firstly, thank you very much for your report!

This is a very nasty bug indeed. Totally didn't see it coming.
We will look into it and fix it as soon as possible!
Modding info / Re: Modding the VoidExpanse
June 25, 2014, 07:40:39 PM
Hello! I will try to answer these questions.
1. No.
2. There is a parameter in projectile properties (in weapon xml) - something like 'scatter delay'. It determines when projectile splits into smaller parts.
3. They can be sprites of course.

Scattering projectiles are, actually, quite easy. To make weapon's projectile to scatter, you need to add a few more projectiles with parameters
( see weapon_scatterpack.xml for example )
First parameter is an index of base projectile, from which scattering parts will be emitted. Second parameter - is a time, on which projectiles will be emitted.
Base projectile must exist to emit scattering projectiles. And base projectile may not be destroyed after that!

I hope I gave enough information on this matter to work with.
Modding info / Re: Effects help
May 21, 2014, 11:16:19 PM
Right now, visual effects system is yet incomplete. What we have now - is a kind of rudimentary system, and now it hasn't so much
functional and flexibility.

So, I honestly don't recommend to deal with current visual effects system - it will, probably, change dramatically to release version.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Tracking Speed
May 21, 2014, 09:29:01 PM
If I may add, "Sell All" button seems useful now, because items in inventory are mostly useless scrap. But it won't be like this forever)
When we implement items system completely, you probably won't need this button, because most of the items in your inventory will be useful =
Totally agree.
Now wiki is just an incomplete documentation. What we need is tutorials.
And we will provide them, we just need to create the game first)
Game discussion / Re: GalaxyPedia
May 15, 2014, 03:40:49 AM
I'll just leave this here.
Game discussion / Re: Ship movement
May 15, 2014, 03:35:39 AM
And I just want to add, that if you don't like "official" physics, you can always create a mod, that will change it!
Modding allows player to change almost everything about physics (except for some key game mechanics) - dampening, breaking, acceleration etc.
Game discussion / Re: What Makes it Different?
May 11, 2014, 09:31:48 PM
Quote from: GorillaOne on April 04, 2014, 09:21:59 PM
Fun stuff, but nothing that hasn't been done before. What is going to make Void Expanse stand out? What are some specific features which you are implementing differently than the norm, or that are entirely new in this context?
Well, one of the key features of our game is a unique dialog system and story. We are creating not just a hack'n'slash in space, but an adventure in a unique world with unique experience.
From the screenshots I see ship equipment, skill-trees, character customization, both a universe and a solar-system map (with that last one being a bit interesting if it implies large expanses of local space)
You've listed most of interfaces of our game. But game is so much more then just interfaces!
Our game is about deep sandbox/roleplay mechanics, which allows you not only to fly around and kill things, but also take peaceful and neutral roles, like trader, negotiator, scout; hire mercenaries, build, craft, survive and conquer.
Also we wanted to add a little bit of adventure/exploration spirit, which is also a unique thing for such kind of games.
Game discussion / Re: Hype this game!
May 11, 2014, 07:34:46 PM
I'd like to add my 50 cents about cancel button:
We've implemented this feature, but we haven't added it to all the quests unfortunately (in delivery quest, for instance, it works fine).
In the next update all these bugs, as I hope, will be fixed. Thanks for your feedback and patience!
Hmmm, okay, here are some thoughts and suggestons:

1. Server is partially multi-threaded, but not scalable =) That's because physics library, which we are using, is not fully muti-threaded. And there's pretty much nothing we can do about it right now, sorry.
Next thing is server doesn't actually depend on what you see on screen. Server process whole system, every system is a separate physics world, so there's no dependency on what's on screen, only on how many ships are there in system.
Next thing is 100% CPU, which is not so good. Even on our test machines we get maximum 10% (usually 1-2%). I can't tell for sure, but maybe your server configuration is not enough for VoidExpanse? You see, we use extensive scripting, scriptable physics and effects, and it bites performance pretty much. So, any low-end computer won't do as a server in this particular case.
What is the configuration of your server?

2. No surprise the game is lagging, if server-side CPU is maxing. But, maybe, there are another reasons for that, like client-side lagging, network lagging etc. But this matter we will investigate.

3. I've just added information about whitelist and blacklist here:
Thanks for your notice!

We will try to improve performance as much as possible in future releases, thanks for your feedback!
Game discussion / Re: Scott manley
May 01, 2014, 08:33:15 PM
It was great and funny video, big thanks to Scott! And, again, big thanks everyone, who purchased VoidExpanse on it's early stage and thus supported
us and whole indie gamedev community)
We're working crazy to make the game you'd enjoy very much, be sure of that =)
Huh, funny, I was thinking of "den'gi" - it's money on Russian, or "dongs" - it's Vietnamese currency)
I'll start, if you don't mind =)

Personally, I'd like to see two mods:
1st one - Hard rock music replacer.
2nd - Ships from cool sci-fi universes, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Mass Effect etc.

What do you think?)
Game discussion / Re: Expanding Faction Area
April 23, 2014, 03:51:29 AM
Not yet, no.
We're still working on faction system, your ideas are great, we were thinking about something like that =)
Right now we have a lot of critical bugs and more essential things to fix, but we will come to this, I assure you.

Thanks for you feedback)