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Hey guys,
I started working on a vb.net app that scrapes values from the core.cpk xml's to more quickly update the wiki. It's pretty basic, and real life has me tied up so progress has been slow, but it got me thinking: Would a tool that lets you browse, edit, and add objects of the game and then save the changes as mod file would be useful? What tools are you modders using currently to place your assets in the game and make changes?

Well... we have a tool similar to what you described, but because we made a lot of changes to the structure of XMLs it no longer works :) It's in C#, though.

Sounds like it could be useful for smaller modpacks, really, and especially with people who are just getting their feet wet.  They could obstensibly design a new item and then look at the .XML afterward to see exactly what tags their choices/selections changed, and learn from there.

I'd probably work it as two apps or portions of an app, though.  One for extraction/compacting into mod format, and one for editing. 

Ah, not exactly. Our tool is only for viewing aggregated XML data, as you described in the first post. We used it to balance different items.
Maybe we will finish it eventually to be able to share with you guys... but definitely not right now :)

But.. two separate people made the replies, Lur. ;)

Sorry, should have specified for mine, I was referring to the functionality that djs mentioned putting into his, with regards to compiling modkits automatically.  Thinking about it, though, it could be build to have some cool function if you added the ability to put in entire trees easily.  So if I wanted to export, say, just BTC weapons, I could just have it export out the four weapons folders and any associated files.

If one REALLY wanted to get fancy, they could build in an XML parser that would detect any non-stock associated files and auto-include them.  For example, for BTC weapons I would need to include the new textures, some new projectile sprites, and some new engine trails.


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