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Upcoming unlimited weapons mod and also a Galaxy Market. 9sMODS DEVELOPMENT

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Still in the works of course just like the drone mod and follower mod. Ive still got to balance everything for the weapons and Im only done doing the basics of the Energy weapons for the moment.


Showcasing the market mod. Please Watch the video to see the market features! And leave your comments here or there!


As some people might know, I had created some kind of a basic version for the Unlimited Items mods for Void Expanse. That MOD was created in 2017 and NEVER was released. It was incomplete, hard coded modable only but it was working for the unlimited Energy Weapon Mods. It was approx 5000 lines long in C# just to make it work... It was a pain to have coded and I knew that If I followed the same path in the future to finish the COMPLETE ITEMS Generator MOD that It would be painful and really really long to finish.

I have decided to completely change the architecture of the code behind the INFinite Items Generator Program in order to facilitate completing the whole program and to make it much more user friendly... I have started two days ago.

The result is very basic now as I have almost ONLY completed the generation of the "CONSUMABLE" item.

If I don't let go of this idea for a week and work on it for a week, I will be probably able to generate ALL of the items (except the weapons) by the end of this week. That is how easy the new idea was to put down on code. The XML items NODES will all be hard coded in the program with their settings able to be changed.

As I said, the program is in it's infancy still and although I started 2 days ago, yesterday, there only was one button visible has I didn't knew where I was heading yet with the program. Now I know.

At the end of tonight before I go to sleep, I will post a video of where I am at with the consumables Item Generator...

For news on the current Status of the unlimited weapons MOD, please watch this 7 mins video. Be careful of the static in my microphone and hopefully it won't destroy your ears.


In resume, it looks more like a XML File Content Creator Helper for Void Expanse... for the moment. It will soon evolve in something better. What you see on the program is what I created tonight in 5-6 hours of work... It's bad but I am getting somewhere.

This XML File Content Creator Helper Program will be part of a bigger program that incorporates infinite items gen for Void Expanse... Gotta start it from scratch though so version 1.0 will NOT be an infinite item genererator but more of a XML File Content Creator Helper to manually create individual XML Content files for Void Expanse.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you will like this addon to Void Expanse that will help you create content for Void Expanse.

Well that doesn't really peak any interest. Imma put this junk in hiatus and go back to the drone/station mod. will report back progress soon.


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