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Help section / Re: server console commands for teleport
September 03, 2023, 06:26:17 AM
Hmm, please try simple:

/tp 100 100

and see whether it works.
If not, please let us know the error message.

If the issue persists, please send the server log to

There are again some error related to an achievement like before
To properly determine the culprit please open the latest server log file (in the Logs folder) and scroll to the beginning, then search for [ERR]
The first error entry you see is likely the one which is breaking the server and causing the cascade of the following errors.

Sounds like you have added too many new NPC characters for one of the achievements to properly work. It's causing a fatal error during initialization and a following cascade of other errors.

Please try deleting this achievement (or override it with an empty file!):


QuoteCould it be due to Windows settings?
Yes, but unlikely. If you have another PC (perhaps a laptop) you can try and see whether there is the same issue.
You can also disconnect your current internet connection and attach a smartphone in modem mode to your PC to see whether the issue persist.
I believe it's more likely to be a router's issue or ISP's issue (and so using a smartphone modem will resolve the issue).
3rd-party software on your PC may affect the connection, there was a known conflict with some Samsung software (uninstalling it resolved the issue for at least two players; I don't recall the particular details of the issue).

The game is using a relatively simple UDP protocol so it usually works without any issues.

Quote from: Vrron on July 03, 2023, 12:20:05 AM
I think I have the same problem as described here. What could one change in their network
Please try rebooting your router.
There is something odd with your network connection as both of you are affected and nobody else reporting about the same issue.
There were a few similar reports over the years and it was always related to faulty routers. You can contact your ISP regarding this issue.

As you're both within the same network, have you considered playing on a local server? You can start a local server on your PC and your friend can connect via Multiplayer -> LAN menu in the game.

It's odd that both you and your friend have this issue.
There are no other reports of this issue.
I suppose the issue is network-relatedΓÇöare both you and your friend in the same network and playing on one of the multiplayer servers? If so, please try rebooting your router.

Please let us know whether you have a similar issue when playing on your local server?

General Discussions / Re: dlc for Cryofall
June 19, 2023, 04:39:56 PM
The development of CryoFall is completed and we are currently supporting it (official servers will continue operation, we will continue to release patches and security fixes). CryoFall was in active development since 2015, with the public Alpha version available in 2018, Early Access release in April 2019, v1.0 release in April 2021, and several major post-release updates with the last one released in February 2022.
We're not considering creating any DLCs for it (besides it was never the plan as any DLC will fracture the online player base). We're looking forward for returning to work on CryoFall (a new game, CryoFall 2 or perhaps a spin-off) whenever we will have a chance and budget to create an even greater game.
Recently our publisher announced our joint project that we're working for over a year now: Surviving Deponia It's a single-player game set on Deponia planet. The game is made on the same in-house engine from CryoFall but with great emphasis on the storyline, characters, and a lot of trash humor.

The list of changes for the upcoming offifcial PvP servers wipe.

Official PvP servers wipe 16th June 2023

   - Increased team size on Global PvP to 25 members
   - Increased construction (and deconstruction!) speed by 6X (please be sure to use the T3 steel toolbox whenever possible as it's still the fastest one)
   - Increased oil/Li extraction output from public spots by 5X
   - Reduced oil/Li lifetime to 24 hours (previously it was 48 hours)
   - Decreased T2 land claim destruction timeout to 5 hours (previously it was 28 hours)
   - 10X more faction score points for controlling the oil/Li deposits (the land claim MUST be transferred to the faction ownership)
   - NO faction score points provided when using S.H.I.E.L.D. protection on the captured oil/Li deposits
   - Fixed an issue when it was possible to use S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect a small base which is completely inside another 3x3 base

Other settings:
(there are no actual changes, we want just to inform you about the current settings)
   - Community-created map: Duality v1.2.1 (the latest version with more teleports)
    - 5X LP, skills, crafting speed, farm growth speed, etc
   - 5X item stack size
   - 3X items gathering rate and creatures loot   
   - Bosses difficulty & loot: 7.0 (at least 7 players/5 mechs recommended)
   - Full loot drop on death
   - GTA mod enabled (can take any unoccupied vehicle, no vehicle ownership verification)

(also no changes here)
   - T3 Basic ΓÇö available after 1 day
   - T3 Specialized ΓÇö after 2 days
   - T4 Basic+Specilized ΓÇö after 4 days
   - T5 Basic+Specialized ΓÇö after 9 days
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Queen event
May 19, 2023, 12:27:32 AM
Quote from: celinedion on May 18, 2023, 01:44:41 AM
Pretty good suggestion. The damage reset every time players moved out of the event area. This would prevent players from accumulating damage by repeatedly entering and exiting the area.
I've replied regarding this above. Currently you cannot accumulate damage by repeatedly entering and exiting the area as during the reward calculation the damage dealt to the boss and its minions is considered only for the last ~2 minutes of the battle (so you simply don't have much time to go out and come back repeatedly while dealing a considerable damage):
"2. Players that participated closer to the boss defeat moment are rewarded more greatly than those that participated earlier (especially 2+ minutes earlier). This is intentional as otherwise there were cases when some party of players almost killed the boss but went away to let the boss heal (sometimes repeating this loop several times!), and the next unaware party killed the boss like it was fresh just to find out that suddenly they don't get full loot as their participation score was considered similar to that of the previous party, or even lower."

Thanks for reporting. After relocating to a new hosting we forgot to set the proper paths.
The existing avatars were also not displayed.
All the issues are fixed now.

If the issue is not resolved please clarify what do you mean exactly by "cannot fight enemies" in particular. Do you cause any damage to creatures (such as wolves and snakes)? Is there any error message?

In PvE you have limited permissions when interacting with other players and their property. You need to own the land claim in order to access structures built on the base.
As it's a LAN multiplayer server you can ask your friend to edit the server settings to enable PvP. This way there will be almost no restrictions regarding the interactions with other players and their property on the server.

Modding info / Re: Cryofall Modding SDK for VS22?
April 13, 2023, 02:02:49 PM
Here is the mod template if you wish to start from scratch:
1. Extract the contents of this archive into your mod.
2. Rename the MyMod.csproj to match your mod's name.
3. Then edit Header.xml as necessary (the entry names are self-explanatory).

I would recommend checking how other mods are made, e.g. the popular Automaton mod by Djekke
You can also find the Djekke's community modding guide here. It's a bit outdated regarding VS but still contains plenty of actual and invaluable information about how the modding system works in CryoFall, how you can override assets and code, how to test your mods, how to organize a modding workspace, etc.

Modding info / Re: Cryofall Modding SDK for VS22?
April 13, 2023, 01:09:09 PM
There is no need for modding SDK since VS2022 as it already supports all the necessary features (such as file globbing).
Please follow this guide