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Bug reports / Re: Launcher shenanigans
June 10, 2014, 12:08:50 AM
Creat, thanks for reporting! An another user also reported that he has problem with patching. We can't say which file can't be patched, just because we patch whole zip-file to a newer version. Currently, patching implemented in somewhat tricky way:
1. download patch from X version to Y.
2. extract distributive of X version and pack it to ZIP without compression.
3. apply patch to these ZIP file (here we got your problem).
4. if patch applied successfully - now we have Y version distributive in ZIP without compression.
5. repack Y version ZIP with better compression (just to save some space).
6. delete X version if it's not required anymore.
So, problem may appear during step #2 - by some reason you get a different ZIP archive and patch can't be applied to it.

The 0.7.0 version of GameLauncher has a bug with repair code. So, you don't have real v0.8.3 :-(. We will release 0.7.1 right now with fix of this issue. Also will see how the new GameLauncher auto-update feature will work for you and other users.

About UAC elevated rights - if I understand you correctly, you want to have all launcher content/game data to be relocated into Program Files directory. But then it will require administrative rights to run the GameLauncher application - otherwise it just can't modify data files now stored at Program Files directory, and games also can't be launched without elevated rights (they're also would like to write something nearby). So that's why we decided to store everything in %appdata% directory. It will not ask for any administrative rights and users can store launcher data somewhere in convenient location like "D:\Games". If you know how to improve it, please share you thoughts. Thanks!
Bug reports / Re: Launcher shenanigans
June 08, 2014, 09:28:17 PM
AtomicTorch GameLauncher v0.7.0 released! Fixes and auto-update (of GameLauncher itself) feature included!
Bug reports / Re: Launcher shenanigans
June 07, 2014, 05:06:06 AM
Quote from: Seventitu on June 07, 2014, 02:21:22 AM
I am having a problem with the launcher as well. It just won't start. As soon as it appears there is an error window with the following message.
Hello! Thanks for reporting! I've found the source of this issue. We have not tested Game Launcher under various Windows Region settings. The date format is different for Italian, but the application expects date format only for English language.
Fixed version will be released early next week!
As temporary workaround, you can switch format ("Start->Control Panel->Region") to the "English (United States)". Sorry for inconvenience.
Bug reports / Re: Launcher shenanigans
June 06, 2014, 10:58:38 PM
Thank you for so detailed report and logs!
"patching failed with a checksum error"
Unfortunately, there was an issue with the Zip library ("DotNetZip") we used: sometimes it produced corrupted archives. We fixed it with the latest Game Launcher release yesterday.

"I'm told my copy is corrupt and it starts downloading the game again"
It's connected with the previous issue. Fixed now. Game Launcher is pretty smart, it knows what downloaded versions it has and will not download full distributive if it can be obtained by applying a patch.

"Since the launcher doesn't allow specifying command line switches (yet?)"
Thanks for notice. We just added this feature in the latest Game Launcher release, just create file with name ".launch_args_custom" near executable and put extra command line args in there.

Ok, let's fix it together!) I will send you the debug instructions right now, look for the private message.
VoidExpanse v0.8.1 released as Experimental build (how to install via Game Launcher). This and other known issues was fixed.
Yes, we're testing server with Mono now and found some bugs possibly creating this problem.
Thanks for reporting!
Bug reports / Re: Multiplayer server connection
May 30, 2014, 03:53:21 AM
Please drop me server+client logs to investigate this issue. Thanks for reporting!
Thank you! As I can see the server runs pretty fast on your hardware - total frame update ("total_ms") takes <2 ms. We need to start worry only if it go higher than desired frame length (16.67 ms). So server is not lagging and fast enough at least for 5-10 simultaneously connected players.
What's wrong I found - the client seems to incorrectly calculate the interpolation time (required to smoothly play on the server). Please send me the output_log file from client for more investigation of this issue.
As a workaround, please try to manually increase interpolation time - console command "set_interp_time 100" or even "set_interp_time 150" should be enough. Look on the stat report "interp_lag_avg_ms" - when it's higher than +30 or +40 the client will run smooth without any glitches (but further increase will also increase overall client lag - game will run smoothly, but rendering will go with a noticeable delay to the server).
The game server should run pretty fast on a such hardware. But we noticed sometimes it performs badly on a VDS/VPS, but runs great on a real hardware, not virtual machine. It's seems to be related to how virtual machines handles the OS timer.

Could you do a small test please?

  • connect to your server and start playing;
  • toggle console ('~' as usual) and enter command "debug on" (without quotes) and press Enter key; toggle console again;
  • press F9 to toggle the Debug View display;
  • play for a while and make a screenshot for us.