Author Topic: Just wondered about a developers name...  (Read 3738 times)


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Just wondered about a developers name...
« on: April 27, 2020, 07:38:28 pm »
I see on the trello roadmap a dev named Vladimir Koslov.  I was just wondering if that is the real actual name of the developer or is he using that handle because of wrestling. (There used to be a wrestler in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) named Vladimir Koslov, he was Russian and he was a beast.  If this is the real name of the developer, then I find it very cool that he shares the name!!!!

I also read his profile on the atomictorch website and I also love House MD, Game of Thrones, and Stargate for TV! I am re-watching House M.D. on Amazon Prime currently.

I also love Fallout (New Vegas especially, didn't care for Fallout 76 but I may try it again with the new update,) The Elder Scrolls (though I never played the first two, and I didn't care for ESO,) I just bought Need For Speed Heat Deluxe Edition on Origin and I just got the Gothic Universe Collection for two bucks from G2A.

Anyway, I am an avid player of Cryofall and I follow the development roadmap and have voted on a few things, but this is my first time on the forums. 



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Re: Just wondered about a developers name...
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2023, 08:56:01 pm »
I have the same questions as you, and I often watch that content on RTL live kostenlos TV, because its content library is very diverse and I can absorb many things.