How did you discover VoidExpanse/AtomicTorch?

Started by r4gegaming, July 22, 2014, 05:43:07 AM

How did you discover VoidExpanse/AtomicTorch?

Browsing (found randomly)
From indiedb
Searching for this type of game
Other(write below)


Was going through games recommended to me in steam.  I've always been interested in space type games but they always seemed to be have a steep learning curve or no tutorial.

This game popped up and it looked really interesting, and my steam wallet had about 4 cents more than the game costed.  Figured it was a good omen and bought it.  Am not disappointed, this game is really fun :D


I was bored of EVE Online and I discovered VE by Steam, first the game banner seem to me a little too "old school" for me but when I saw the screens shots I thought "w0w, all theses years I was looking for THIS game!".
Ok, now it's a little boring 'cause we're facing a "severe lack of contents" but VE got an awesome fucking great potential! It will be great if Atomic Torch could pay a larger team, so SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

EDIT : Please open a kickstarter, I want to help even if I'm not a genius in C# coding!


Stumbled upon voidexpanse while browsing for spaceship type games on Steam. EV NOVA is one of my all time favorite games and VE just looked like a modern EV Nova.
When I read that VE was mod friendly that was all I needed to know to buy it.   


I found VoidExpanse on the Steam frontpage (Steam seems to be quite a common factor here) and couldn't resist it. Too much like my longterm favourite, EV Nova. I keep getting sorely tempted to make some form of EV Nova TC for the game...




Necro every post haha

Discovered void and atomic torch when i was looking around indy game dev teams and helping them out and some how i ended up on atomics side of things haha grabed void and found some bugs the rest is history as they say since then i have bought void for no less then 20 friends haha hell even had a pvp compitition on counter strike amunst my friends and gave away a copy from my time playing void and keeping a eye on you lot i can tell this dev team will be around for years to come , keep up the good work all


Quote from: T.D.O. on January 21, 2016, 09:00:48 AM
i can tell this dev team will be around for years to come , keep up the good work all
I can only hope that it will be the case :)


I think I found this all by looking for games like SPAZ(Space Pirates and Zombies). I just love a good overhead space game. Stuff like this, SPAZ, Space Rangers 2, even Starport Gemini 2 comes close. Love them. I play more VoidExpanse than any right now.
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