Thoughts after 22 hours of playing.

Started by Dasky, June 11, 2016, 09:01:32 AM


First impression: Looks good, controls well, and there's funny dialogue.

After a while of talking with people, I figured that there should be some sort of a war going on... But it really doesn't feel like it at all.
Currently literally the only person in the galaxy who does things seems to be the player, and it bothers me a lot. I think there should be some sort of conflict and war going on around the galaxy, for example different factions expanding their areas, fighting each other, building new stations, trading, etc... But the whole galaxy seems completely dead to me. If the dialogue wouldn't have told me that there was a war going on, I would have guessed that just pirates are roaming around and everyone else is asleep or something.

Don't get me wrong, I like this game a lot and will be playing it a lot more. But currently it takes almost no time at all to buy the "death bringer" ship, at which point the game's progression seems to kinda die off aside from getting levels and assigning points. Any quests outside the main questline also seem kinda dull, and I keep getting the same quests over and over. And I hope that we can some day travel to other galaxies maybe? I don't see many possibilities for good end-game content if we just stay within one galaxy and even the last alien capital is "only" level 100.

Oh and it annoys me how hard it is to find your first ship with weapon slots for rockets if you start as a demolitions pilot. And by the way, the auto-pilot flew me straight through a star earlier today.

I heard the devs are really active on the forums, and I've seen a lot of responses from them, so I would like to hear from them whether they plan on making the galaxy a bit more... Lively. Let us expand to all that neutral space we see everywhere, maybe? :P

tl;dr: Good game, but the galaxy is a bit dead.


Greetings, Dasky

Yup, we're doing our best with answering questions and chatting with our players, thanks for joining us here! =)

Now, to your qestions. It may indeed seem that galaxy is not as lively, but that is mainly because the main focus of the game is not on the galaxy itself, but the story. There are three factions in the game you can join, each with its own agenda, story and ending. My personal favorite is the Fanatics faction as their storyline reveals some interesting facts about the universe of VoidExpanse.

At the moment, travelling to other galaxies is not planned, but we do plan on adding some additional content in the game later on.


I'm going to be looking forward to future content. :)

But anyways, even if the main focus of the game is story, I think it would still make the game seem much more interesting if there was conflict and change happening all over. (currently it really doesn't seem like there is any kind of war going on...) Would also give some well needed replay value. I think this has been mentioned a few times before on the forums, so I'm not the only one who would want the galaxy to be a bit more lively.

Oh and my first pilot also went with the fanatics storyline. It was interesting, but considering you can't conquer any more systems for your own faction, life got a bit difficult at the beginning because everyone hates them. I wanna conquer the galaxy for the fanatics some day. ^^