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Thanks. That's interesting, so you programmed something in like respect into the AI ;)

Aye aye.. So it won't affect the patrol ships in the other systems?

Once I destroy all patrol ships that are hostile to me in the system, will new patrol ships be spawned? And second question, will this have an impact on my relationship with the faction?

Worked my way up to Level 32 in my first game and after having played for 8 hours straight. Was on my path to join Order soon and had a quest to infiltrate a drug smuggler. I started to attack this pirate and was in a fight. Next what I know is that nearby patrol ships started to assist in attacking the pirate and one crossed my path. The patrol ship turned red after an accidental hit (didn't even explode) and then I was attacked by half a dozen of other patrol ships. Not only that I was killed (as I didn't want to fight back) in the battle, I lost a lot of inventory and good devices. Now when I enter the system, patrol ships turn automatically red and start to attack me. This is annoying as I am on display neutral with the faction. Any way to resolve this? I don't want to start the game new and probably wouldn't now. This is annoying. Thanks.

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