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Game discussion / Necessary sugestions for "VoidExpanse"
« on: June 08, 2017, 12:48:06 am »
Dear VoidExpanseTeam,
first of all my gratulations for VoidExpanse. I bought it becasue of the interesting expression and because it was near to my character. It surely is for tactical gaming really great. But here´s my suggestions for you:
First of all if you want to sell on the German market you have to translate it, especially there´s a lot of writing. Just smaller games are able to be sold without translation, but for VoidExpanse this will be necessary absolutely. Otherwise it won´t get too much attention.
The tactics is really interesting, that´s the reason I bought it, but controling isn´t easy, so give some advice how to manage it in the best way, and of course controling should be optimal otherwise you can´t succeed.
The beginning is really hard, because of the reasons before and because of the total understanding of the game. For Russians it seems not to be the critical points, but for me it was too difficult to get to the point of pleasure. So please give some more advices or make it easier for beginners.
VoidExpanse is server based, so you will be able to play a whole life with it because of it´s greatness. And so also is the beginning. But after its life time it just will be cut. Of course it will run several years, but nobody will think about what is after this. To point out to also give after life time the server software to the customers to make it playable for their own also could be a point to make it more attractive for the fans. Perhaps think about it.
Have a real nice day and all the best for you.

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