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Hello guys,

So here are the assets:

********* GIMP assets. *********

1. Those are only the original dismantled sprites of items, with the background picture removed and with item rarity or "MK0 to MK5". If I remember correctly, I was able to rebuilt the original assets with Gimp in order for them to be ready for the infinite items mod. You just have to install GIMP and then open up every GIMP project and export the sprites (PNGS). With an export pluggin in GIMP it is faster.



Here are the interior Station Models that I will use for my complete mod. If you are interested in seeing how I completely modeled them, please feel free to use the download link. Those were made with the original station parts... I carefully dismantled all stations and rebuilt them so that it wouldn't kill the original looks and separated the parts and they are now fully easily remodable for the station interiors. They do not come with textures yet though. But I would be glad to have feedback if you like the models or not and please leave comments!

Thank you


download link =>   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V6_ChR3EDshp71EFLJ2fatlHZUiroGsF

You might have a hard time using them right away for your Void Expanse server though as they don't have the necessary physics adjustment yet. And you gotta Fusion each individual parts of each one of the models and remove the tiny bit of extra surplus vertices lying around. All of them are NOT a huge performance hit on Void Expanse so it will be nice to see when they will be textured and physics ready. I gotta work on that too.


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