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Ship modding help
« on: July 12, 2019, 04:44:10 pm »
Hello all, neat game we have here.

Anyway I need some help, I'm trying to mod the Revenant to add two more ballistic/energy mounts (tier 2) and one more missile mount (tier 3).

I am currently changing the entry in the DLC folder instead of making a mod of it (which could be the problem).

I can get the weapons to show up in the hanger inventory screen by performing a copy, paste, and then modding the position, direction, tier, and id's. But the model is no longer visible in the center hanger display and all of the item slots are empty, including the hull slot. And yet when I undock, the ship has the same configuration that it had before I changed the file.

So what is going on? Please help.