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=== CryoFall v0.23.1 (experimental version) ===

   - Added Polish, Turkish, and Japanese translations.

New content and features:
   - Tinker table: you can now repair your worn out items at tinker table. You can combine two worn out items to get one repaired item.
   - New medicine: energy pills (small pills that will instantly restore fatigue)
   - New generic items: slime (drops from certain small creatures and can be used in a few crafting recipes or recycled in mulch box), preservative (food chemical), empty cans (used in canning).
   - New food: canned mixed meat, Raw and fried insect meat, uncooked pasta, carbonara.
   - New props: crashed helicopter.
   - New sounds are added for all new content, as well as some existing content.
   - New technology groups: Electricity 1, 2 and 3, Cooking 3, Canning, and also separated Offense & Defense in T1 into individual groups.
   - New quests: Advanced resource acquisition, Master hunter 5, Explore biomes 4, Establish power grid.
   - New creatures: Burrower, Fire lizard, Black beetle, Pragmium beetle.
   - New biomes: Swamp, Volcano.
   - Expanded map: new large area north of the desert, as well as western part of the map with the swamp, expanded western tropics with large lowlands area, also general improvements all around the map.
   - New status effect: Healthy food. Previous status effect “Well fed” is now renamed to “Hearty food”. Different food will give different types of effects.
   - Dozens of new crafting recipes for new and existing items.
   - New skill: Maintenance  (used for repair at tinker table).

Power grid:
   - Power grid added to the game! Now you can establish it on any base. You can build generators, electricity storage and consumers.
   - All structures inside a base automatically have access to the power grid. You do not need to  manually connect anything with wires.
   - Grid efficiency is dependent on the size of the base (number of connected land claims), larger bases are slightly less efficient.
   - Detailed grid information (with all values and statistics) can be accessed from the land claim or from any electricity storage structure.
   - Generators: Steam generator (uses solid fuel, such as wood or coal), Engine generator (uses gasoline), Bioreactor (uses organic), Solar panel frame (up to 4 solar panels can be installed to produce electricity from the sun).
   - Power storage: Power bank, Large power bank.
   - Recharging station (allows to recharge any items that use electricity, such as a flashlight).
   - Water pump (produces water much faster than wells).
   - Electric furnace (significant improvement over regular furnaces).
   - Freezer (improvement over regular fridges).
   - Psionic projector structure (new defensive structure that projects Psi field when enabled).
   - All electric lights now use electricity from the grid rather than batteries.
   - Advanced versions of Oil and Lithium extractors. Primitive version burns fuel like before, but advanced versions use electricity.
   - Oil refinery now operates using electricity.
   - New items: Wire (used in electricity), Solar panel (placed in solar panel frame), Broken solar panel.
General improvements:
   - New power grid mechanic! (see electricity section)
   - You no longer lose LP on death.
   - Complete ownership protection is added to PvE servers. Other players will be unable to steal ANY items as all the structures (except trading stations) will check whether the player has access to the land claim area or not.
   - Power bank will reduce durability on energy use, and will not reduce durability on energy recharge. Broken power bank will try to distribute its energy to other power banks in equipment/inventory.
   - Weakened status effect is now available in PvE as well.
   - Added composed icons for recipes allowing to have different recipes that result in the same output but look different in the recipe browser.
   - Improved construction grid and blueprint visuals (new shader effects).
   - New vibration shader effect (useful for generators and similar world objects).
   - Improved/more reliable objects placement such as seeds, explosives and structures.
   - Mutation is now available in PvP as well (in case of death with certain radiation dosage or unprotected radiation exposure).
   - Adjusted sound volume and parameters for multiple buildings (doors, furnaces, extractors, etc).
   - Improved information about several status effects (list of effects, detailed descriptions, etc.).
   - Construction menu now includes meta information about buildings. For example certain building can be marked as “electricity storage” or “decorative building”, etc. It makes it more clear what type of building you are dealing with.
   - Many game texts improved to make them more clear.
Quality of life (QoL) improvements:
   - Last wipe date is now displayed in the servers list.
   - Building decay information added to the land claim window.
   - Improved UI for fridges (now including info how much longer the food will store there).
   - Different map icons for owned land claims and land claims where you're not the owner but have access.
   - Left mouse button click on a recipe in the crafting queue will reorder the queue to make that recipe first.
   - Shortcut: pressing equipment menu key ([E] by default) while any menu is opened will close it. Subsequent [E] press will open equipment menu as usual.
   - Technologies tree/group allows to preview the tech tree before unlocking.
   - Oil seep and geothermal spring will now display the time remaining before it could be claimed in tooltip.
   - Added confirmation dialog for closing the private chat.
   - "Take all" container action will perform "match down" action first to ensure that the game will give priority to item types which you already have in your inventory.
   - Shortcut: double click on a recipe in the recipe list of a manufacturer structure (such as furnace) will select the recipe and close the recipes browser.
Raiding & combat:
   - Destroying bedrolls with melee weapons is now possible.
   - Raid block now prevents the use of trash cans (to prevent people from destroying all of the items during a raid).
   - Raid block now prevents upgrading the land claim (in addition to preventing construction and repair like before).
   - Raid block notification (with a timer when it will expire) is now displayed when you're inside (or close) a raided base. It's displayed for both: base owners and raiders so it should be easy to track when the raid block will expire. The duration is the same as before, 10 minutes.
   - Deconstruction of destroyed walls is available only to land owners and could be done with a crowbar or by placing another building over the destroyed wall.
   - Laser weapons made slightly more powerful by increasing armor penetration rate. But again, energy weapons are NOT better that conventional weapons. They are just different and have different application.
   - Sniper rifle now has significantly higher damage and range making it a useful support weapon for engagements with multiple combatants on both sides.

(part 2 below)

(part 1 above)
   - Learning skill now gives bonus to acquired LP.
   - Land claims are now grouped into bases and all mechanics are updated to use it. Raid block is applying to the entire base, the power grid is shared for the entire base, and the decay delay is determined by the highest tier of land claim building present on the base.
   - Public oil and Li extractors are now prebuilt, indestructible, and have x2 extraction speed boost in PvP to make them more useful.
   - Salt minerals will provide up to 33% more lithium salts when mined. Oilpods will now equally give more berries.
   - Oil, Li and pragmium sources will not immediately spawn on the server startup/restart anymore. They will now follow standard spawning interval.
   - Pragmium source minerals have guardians now (pragmium beetles).
   - Decay delay is extended for higher tier land claims building (T5 will take more than one week to start decaying, all the decay-related info is browsable in the land claim menu).
   - Reduced newbie protection duration to 3 hours and added a server rate to configure this in the rates config file (NewbieProtectionDuration).
   - On PvP server restart, all players who are located outside of their bases will be teleported to their beds.
   - Creative mode changed for instant build/deconstruct and overrides max placement/deconstruction distance requirement.
   - Stat effects (such as adding percentage to certain action speed) are no longer multiplicative and will be simply summed together (as expected).
   - Active structures (fridges, furnaces, etc) added in scope simultaneously should have randomized offset for their sound loop position and render animation frame number. This will also dramatically reduce the issue with sound volume being excessively high when there are many active structures of the same type (especially fridges and furnaces).
   - Removed pyrite ore from the game and changed balance for all recipes that used it. Also adjusted all recipes related to sulfur.
   - Improving the Crafting skill will now give you extra crafting slots.
   - Link safe storage between claims.
   - Water bottles don’t restore fatigue now.
   - Most medical items are now cheaper and their crafting resources were adjusted to make recipes a little simpler.
   - Resource requirements for all components has been changed (mostly made cheaper). Especially mechanical components—they now require only half as much rubber (and rubber itself is cheaper to make).
   - Recipe for mechanical components now give twice as much of them and uses only half as much rubber. This will have significant effect on prices of doors and other technologies that use mechanical components.
   - Made practically all T1 and T2 structures significantly cheaper in order to speed up early portion of the game.
   - Oilpod plants now give more berries and their respawn rate is faster. Making it easier to get oil without building oil infrastructure.
   - Reduced crafting time for some items to make progression faster, especially for items that are needed to be crafted in large batches (e.g. gunpowder or other related items).
   - Significantly improved loot in military radtown (specifically green military crates).
   - EU capacity for batteries changed (to bring them in line with the power grid balance).

Technical and modding:
   - Changed server GC mode to ensure better performance and memory usage without significant slowdown or memory fragmentation when the server is running for a long time with a high number of players.
   - Updated Roslyn compiler to v3.1 (C# 8.0 support added, all Core.cpk code updated as well).
   - Items durability is now using uint. If you've made a mod which is adding any items, please run auto-replace for your mod: "public override ushort DurabilityMax" => "public override uint DurabilityMax".
   - Compilation speed is improved for up to 40% on multiprocessor machines.
   - Max number of player's land claims limit was redone as a perk in the final stats cache.
   - NoesisGUI updated to v2.2.3 delivering some good fixes.
   - Deconstruction of blueprints will always work through walls and other obstacles (same as construction).
   - Tooltips for recipes displaying the crafting duration were not updating when the crafting speed just changed (by receiving/losing status effect bonus).
   - "Claiming resource deposits" perk removed from PvE (as there are no deposits to claim, extractors could be built anywhere).
   - Item held in hand (cursor) prevented interactions with world objects.
   - "Items dropped" notifications were not displayed after reconnecting to the game server.
   - Heat status effect was applying to creatures forever preventing them from regenerating.
   - Editor quickload of a new map wasn’t working due to missing game objects.
   - Switching the weapon ammo to different type resulted in previous ammo disappearing when the inventory was full (now in that case the game will drop the unloaded ammo on the ground and a notification will be displayed).
   - Fixed heat status effect applying to creatures non-stop preventing them from regenerating.
   - Fixed items desync in some rare cases.
   - Currently this update is available in experimental. Feel free to give it a try!
   - As always, when the update is released all official servers will be wiped. The date of the wipe will be announced in advance.
   - Community server owners can choose whether to update or not.
   - If you have any compilation errors on launch—please make sure to disable all mods you have installed. You could also contact mod authors to ask them to update their mods to the latest specification defined in this version.
   - If you're interested to see what's actually changed in code with this version, please wait until we upload the changes to our Github repository (we will do this with the A23 final release).

And finally, please consider leaving a review for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet! :)

=== CryoFall v0.23.2 (experimental version, hotfix 1) ===

   - Added text to fridge when it's not connected. As it was not clear to some people that the fridge wasn’t working. Now there’s a clear text information to communicate that.
   - Mobs will despawn when they are too far away from the spawn location for too long.
   - Agro state of creatures is no longer persistent and will reset after some time.

   - Public Lithium and Oil sources now set to 2X speed.
   - Pragmium spawn interval changed from fixed 8 hours to random 6-10 hours (the same on average, but with slight randomness).
   - Both glue recipes changed slightly.
   - Energy tablets recipe changed. Now it uses much less sugar.
   - Swamp biome updated (now you can find sugarcane there and scorpions have been removed, plus other changes).
   - Volcano updated (removed scorpions from lower areas and other changes).
   - Repair on workbench will require using a consumable item (currently we're using iron ingot for this but we will introduce a new item in the final version).
   - Workbench will not allow repairing two "green" durability items. At least one of the items need to have yellow or red durability status.

   - Changed some texts in the game to correctly reflect that you no longer lose LP after death.
   - Fixed electric furnace using energy even when output is full.
   - Fixed icon for grilled corn.
   - Fixed “separate generator base” exploit.

=== CryoFall v0.23.3 (experimental version, hotfix 2) ===

   - Status effect icons are now displayed over all players and creatures. It's much easier now to understand when you've dealt a bleeding wound, burning status effect, etc.
   - Added map exploration percent indicator to the world map screen.
   - Improved farm plant info tooltip—now including info about the watering and skill growth speed boosts.
   - Main menu updated to include info about the latest update.
   - (in PvP) Spawned oil seep deposit will attract two scorpions. Spawned geothermal spring will attract three lizards.
   - Explosion spots will be removed after 32 hours.
   - Added precise detection of the screen current refresh rate and using of it for V-sync and "screen rate" FPS limit.
   - Server shutdown notification has a ticking timer now.
   - Added "Duct tape" item which is required to repair any items on Tinker table.
   - Charge in power banks will combine/redistribute when repairing on Tinker table.
   - Made it possible to enter a technology group regardless of how many LP you have as long as you fulfill actual requirements.

   - Reduced energy consumption for oil refinery from 10 to 2.
   - Increased bioreactor capacity from 250 to 300 EU.
   - Signs could be built only inside of the owned land claim area.
   - Only online players can be invited into a party.
   - Server will purge all chests, trading stations, and barrels content when the land claim is destroyed/decayed.
   - Newbie protection is set to last for 2 hours and ticks even in offline. It will prevent exploit when players were using alt newbie character as "safe storage" on their bases (as newbies don't drop any loot on PvP death).
   - Pragmium explosion distance increased, beware—cigars and other boosts will not help you to escape it!
   - "Player joined/left" notifications won't show when there are over 10 online players on the server (except for your party members).

   - Land claim T2 deconstruction provided more resources than what were spent on its building and upgrading.
   - Scripts compiler process remaining running in the background after scripts compilation.
   - Applied workaround for issue when the game hanged on quit (music continued to play for a few minutes).

=== CryoFall v0.23.4 (experimental version, hotfix 3) ===

    - Introduced crafting and manufacturing server rates (set to x5 for A23 experimental server).
    - Added context menu for online players list so you can easily invite to party, start private chat, and block/unblock from there.
    - Current game server info (displayed when pressing ESC key while playing) now includes last wipe date and public GUID.
    - World map streaming improved—client will use local cache of the world chunks from Core.cpk/mods. It will dramatically reduce the network bandwidth usage (especially for servers).

    - Safe storage slots number inside bases increased to 24.
    - Steel gates are now slightly more durable (was 40000 HP same as steel door, now 50000 HP; essentially +1 modern bomb to destroy).
    - "Unstuck" will now be reset on any action and on hit.
    - Server LP rate will also apply to quests LP.
    - Learning skill progression speed reduced to make it a bit more reasonable.
    - Right mouse button click outside of the chat window should close it (same as LMB click).
    - Minimum spawn distance for oil and Li deposits adjusted to not spawn them too close to public towns.
    - Now it's not possible to hide behind a land claim from an exploding pragmium mineral source.
    - Newbies will be unable to interact with any structure (including chests) inside enemy base which is under raid block.
    - Improved text input handling (especially with low framerate).
    - Quests will be processed for offline players as well as for online players (so if you've scheduled a requirement to craft something and go offline, the crafting quest requirement will be satisfied).
    - Public status effect icon (over character) will be visible only if the status effect has reached its threshold (for status effects such as medicine overuse).
    - Improved door orientation detection.
    - Can invite party members via chat or online players list even when you don't have a party (it will be created automatically).
    - Private chat should always receive went online/offline message—not depending on the number of players online.

    - "Offline" mark not displayed over offline player character.
    - Raiding notifications not sent in some rare cases.
    - Random issue with the Ctrl key stuck (pressing other keys has no effects until Ctrl key pressed again) might be fixed now (we need your feedback).
    - Disappearing item sprite in character's hand might be fixed now (we need your feedback).
    - Added scroll for large party members list in Politics menu.


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