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CryoFall - Patch notes v0.25.x (Balance Update)

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=== CryoFall v0.25.4.11 (A25 Patch 3) ===

- Weapon traces are adjusted to match the actual hit points. Useful when you're playing with a large ping as previously the weapon traces were rendered with a delay matching the ping and trace speed and never appeared as actually hitting the character.
- Unclaimed buildings and blueprints will always display a red icon (broken shield) over them so it will be clear that they need to be claimed to have protection.
- When placing a land claim, the game will highlight areas of other players intersecting with the future land claim area so it will be clear where are the intersections.
- The land claim areas rendering improved to provide better visibility during the night time and also to include a slightly different pattern for red and gray areas (so it's clear for everyone including colorblind players).
- After blocking a player in the chat, all the existing messages from this player will be instantly removed.
- In some cases, the game displayed a wrong error reporting that it's impossible to place a land claim as there is a land claim owned by a demo player (it was just only an intersection with another land claim area which is not owned by the player).
- After login on the server, the chat log may have contained the messages from the blocked players.

This is a client-only patch, no server patch necessary and no server patch available.

=== CryoFall v0.25.4.13 (A25 Patch 4) ===

- Implemented letterboxing for screens with an ultra-wide aspect ratio (previously the game cropped the picture to fit the screen which resulted in a very limited vertical view area especially on 32:9 and 48:9 screens).
- Added screen aspect ratio setting. There is a new "16:9 (PvP max view)" setting which is particularly useful to PvP players as it ensures the view area is matching the server's view area by fitting the game frame without any cropping into the screen bounds (letterboxing).
- "Unprotected structure" icon will be displayed only if you're relatively close to the building or holding the Alt or L key.
- The game will always show a server's welcome message when you log in on it for the first time since the game launch.   
- Added an error window in case of a SharpDX-related crash.

- PvP: x2 increased durability decrease when damaging buildings for all melee weapons and tools as in A25 the crafting costs for most of them were made x2 cheaper.
- PvE: pragmium explosion will damage (kill) players nearby (in the same as on the PvP servers).
- PvE: decayed bases will be completely removed from the world when the last land claim there is destroyed due to the decay.

- Pineapples and purple grass will respawn properly (on the existing servers it might take a while to restore their population, cut some trees to help the server!).
- Helmet light could be used on the server-side (consume fuel) while the client doesn't display it this way.
- Extractors in public Li/oil towns had an "unprotected structure" icon.
- PvP: on Land Claim destroy by players, all the items inside the land claim area vanished.
- Performance fix for large bases since the previous patch.

This update is optional (it doesn't break compatibility between client and server of the previous version).

If you're hosting a community server, installing the server update is highly recommended. Please follow this guide to update your server!

=== CryoFall v0.25.4.16 (A25 Patch 5) ===

- Improved visual and audio effects for the pragmium source pre-explosion stage (earthquake). Now it's clear when you're on the safe distance from the explosion.
Hint for PvE players: you're never on a safe distance if you attempt to simply run away or use a hoverboard. Just pay attention to a certain technology in Tier 3 Industry 3 group. There is something most players don't use much but it's super useful for mining the pragmium sources.

- Support for additional mouse buttons (#4 and #5).

This is a client-only patch, no server patch necessary and no server patch available.

A small follow-up patch pushed fixing an issue with the light source remaining after the pragmium explosion. No other changes.

=== CryoFall v0.25.4.18 (A25 Patch 6, server only) ===

Balance changes:
- Salt minerals (containing Lithium salts) will spawn in regular mining areas along with iron, copper, sulfur and other minerals.
- Oilpod bushes will spawn in the tropical forest, temperate forest, and swamp.

The changes will take immediate effect however the oilpod bushes require some time to grow and also they need more space so please help the server and cut some trees!

This is a server-only patch currently only for the official PvP servers. We'll provide a server distribution for community servers as soon as we will be certain no further balancing changes are necessary.

Q: Does this patch replaces some iron/copper/etc minerals with salt minerals?
A: No, it's adding new minerals. If there were 20 minerals in the area, now there will be 21-22 and 1-2 of them will be salt.

Q: Are the boreal forest and salt flats obsolete now?
A: No, there are much more oilpods and salt minerals in these biomes so they still have a high value. However, to many players (especially settled in the tropical biome) the game would be more accessible now.

=== CryoFall v0.25.4.19 (A25 Patch 7, server only) ===

- Creatures AI improved a bit to better understand when it can chase a player on a different height level.
- Network performance improvements and better profiling.

- Power consumers and generators were not disabled when one of the land claims was destroyed (when there are more than a single land claim on the base).

If you're hosting a community server, installing the server update is highly recommended. Please follow this guide to update your server!


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