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I'm not a fan of the Tinker Table method of repairing your tools and weapons, so I added a Repair Station. It uses half of the items required to build the original tool to repair it back to 100% durability. It doesn't care what the durability of your current item is, so you can "repair" a 100% durability item thus throwing away those precious resources. It will pull the first item that matches the item to repair from your inventory. If you have 3 iron axes, for example, it will pull whichever is first in your inventory and only repair that one.

This needs to be installed on the server and client.

Download Here

Enjoy  :)

Nice! :)
I'm sure some people might enjoy it for their community server. And it doesn't even break the balance.

Hello Mike! Amazing mod, though it seems to need a push in update. I was wondering if you were interested in having someone provide a baseline update to bring you back up to speed.

There are also further modifications such as a custom texture change and the addition of many armor recipes, as well as the changes done in lieu of any refactoring that has caused mod incompatibilities with your last update.

If you are interested let me know and I will post the content here.

Have at it! I haven't played the game since I made this mod. It only took me about 45 minutes to make after all lol.

Sounds good Mike, thanks for helping the community out and being a pro! Stay tuned for an update here if you are interested in Mike's mod.

I've refactored some stuff as I was not aware this was going to be public, as such I do not use the same naming conventions so if you were trying to restore from a previous save of some sort you can forget about that. I can release another pure vanilla version but the update brings a couple minor changes.


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