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[A29 Editor] Inconsistent Pragmium Wasteland


I've been trying to replicate this bug but it doesn't seem to have a pattern.

Some areas of my map are capable of spawning pragmium nodes, where as other areas only spawn the mobs (beetles, lizards, scorpions). 

I can eliminate some factors based on tests:
It is not affected by the size of the zone.
It is not affected by the recency of the zone.
It is not affected by the texture the zone is placed on.


In this particular instance, I used volcano texture to show contrast.

I'm including my .map file for those wishing to investigate.

Check either Volcano.  No pragmium is spawning.  Then check the central boss pit.  Pragmium is spawning.  Check the southeast boss pit.  No pragmium.  Then check either quarry.  Pragmium.  Northeast alien island.. Pragmium.

Thanks for reporting! This doesn't look right. The spawn should provide similar results for each area regarding the pragmium nodes spawn. For mobs, a significant variance is exactly as expected, but not for the pragmium nodes.
I've added this to my task list, to investigate before the update release. I will let you know about the progress of this task.


I've checked the issue.
The pragmium nodes (and source) cannot spawn in the zone "Special - Restricted Construction" (there were no changes regarding this recently, it was this year for at least a year as I've checked in Git history).
There is no need to mark the volcano with this zone as volcano biome has a properly restricting player construction there (same as mountains).


Upon further check (thanks to @austib aka SavingPrivatePyle for reporting in Discord), there is indeed a new code.
In A28 there was no such condition for the prag node, only for the prag source (and I've checked the git history only for it). I totally forgot that I've added the check myself in mid November for prag nodes.

I've added this check to prevent spawning prag nodes in the restricted areas when prag source explodes. Some modders created maps that are surrounded not by ocean but by cliffs (inaccessible). Prag nodes spawned there on explosion making it impossible to gather them.



After action summary:

Pragmium nodes (the small ones) are prohibited from spawning in the presence of Restricted Construction zone.  This affected Pragmium Wasteland zone by overlap but was only an issue moving from A28 to A29 editor, as legacy code had a different policy for handling nodes.  A restart of the client fixed any further issues after removing the conflicting zone.


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