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Problem on modded server, PVP enabled but players can't attack each other

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No matter what weapons they used, modded or not, different ammo types, melee, they can cause status effects to one another ( bleeding) but can't deal damage.

Turrets won't shoot at enemy players either, no matter the settings

PVP is enabled, friendly fire is not ( we even went to war in the factions menu to be sure )

What about this value
#DamagePvpMultiplier: 0.4

We removed the #, nothing changed

It's worth noting, that we launched the server in PVE mode accidentally at first, and then switched it to pvp without wiping. Is that the source of the issue?

You need to restart (stop and start) the server after editing the ServerRates.config.
If the issue persists, please provide the server log to let us investigate the issue (upload to any file hosting service and share the link) in a private message.

--- Quote ---Is that the source of the issue?
--- End quote ---
No, changing the server from PvE to PvP works properly.


I server has been stopped and reloaded, after changing the settings. I changed the settings saved the file and then stopped and started the server. I do not however close the screen I just used the dotnet command with load at the end. Should I have totally closed the program?

@Khaos, it's not required to close the console window. Sounds like you've done it right.
I guess something is odd with your mod code.
Anyway, please upload the server log.


I'm posting links to the server logs, thank you for taking the time to help us AI, it looks like somethings wrong with my modifications..


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