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I have looked around for information on this and couldn't find it, maybe just missed it, still, wanted to ask how hunting score and accumulated learning points, are calculated in factions. I am guessing hunting is each enemy we kill has a value, could "skinning" said animals also count or just killing them, then accumulated learning points is what I am struggling to figure out, thought could be learning points unused, then thought could be learning points unused after we completed all techs or total learning points earned and none appear to be correct so am wondering if can get some information on this,



we're changing how the faction score breakdown is displayed for A30 Update. Just posted in the #upcoming-features channel on the Official Discord server about all the changes, with a screenshot containing the description for each metric.
Rework was done to ensure that the metrics will increase while player is a faction member (otherwise some factions increased their faction score by reshuffling the faction (removing weak players and replacing them with someone with more LP accumulated, etc)).

Please note that "Learning points score" is just a scoreā€”it's not a direct number of LP ever-accumulated by faction members but rather a deferred value from it. (Otherwise, the score number would be relatively huge and other metrics will be less useful or also require adjusting them in some way to make all the metrics balanced.)



I was looking at faction score information, its nice update and will be helpful, then remember something, from checking that update, since it still shows accumulated learning points as being some sort of calculation and not direct number, thought could be a fix for a old "issue", actual accumulated learning points, this after completing all techs. If it worked like donations, either anytime player had x learning points could donate to faction, like current faction level system or only allow donation after completing all techs or any learning points, after completing techs, would be directly "donated" to faction, either showing as "faction donated learning points" or not showing at all in character menu just in faction menu, could still be some formula to not have insane high numbers, but would be a way to make some use of those insane high number of learning point accumulated after completing techs.
I also like to note that, in my opinion, current learning points needed to create, can see the very high number of factions created and to raise faction level, high number of rank ten faction, those requirements are very low, also some sort of donation towards faction level that could divided by more than just nine players, the nine that actually hit to raise rank button make it very limited for the other, up to fourteen players in faction to contribute in a more direct and meaningful manner,



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