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Drop Rate Local Server


Hi how can i change the Drop Rate for the Local Server?


It's possible to edit. Please stop the local server first.

The save game and the server rates configuration file are stored in this folder:

--- Code: ---<Your Documents>AtomicTorchStudioCryoFall
--- End code ---
If you cannot find AtomicTorchStudio folder in your Documents, please copy-paste this path into Windows Explorer's address bar:

--- Code: ---%LocalAppData%AtomicTorchStudioCryoFall
--- End code ---

To edit the server rates, open the ServerRates.config file in that folder with Notepad++ or any other text editor. It contains all the rates with description for each (please read carefully how to properly edit the file, it contains all the relevant information to guide you.

BTW, if you want to reset your local server, just stop it and delete the Saves folder.


wow so fast thank you so much


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