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Blocking mineral field path



Wanted to note that, while had listen to some players make reference to, personally never thought was worth even the speculation, but now I actually saw a player try to block path, on two sides so far, to a mineral field, now I would do the usual, feel good about myself for being above that sort of behavior, however, unfortunately it is causing other players to consider quitting game or changing server and that is very unfortunate and might start chain reaction, since community on most servers is very limited and more so for helpful and active players. I also like to mention that, while, creating links for multiple claims always causes issues, having players path blocked, this is normal game play when that space used to build actual base and this event it is clear intention is to cause issues to other players, example two or so walls linking two claims, no path in or outside claim, does nothing but cause path issues on both other players and owner of claim, in my opinion, proving that is either dumb mistake or borderline harassment on neighbor players,


except you cannot claim protected areas like slopes so in the end, you cannot in any way block access to areas. unless you build a wall out of claims all around a mountain or radtown assuming there is enough flat space without slopes.

Actually you cannot even do that. There's a limit that only 2 claims can be put together horizontally or vertically.

So, there is no physical possibility to block ANY area on the map. No matter what you do.

> only 2 claims
Small correction: 3 claims. So max base size is 3x3 claims.
This way it's not possible to actually isolate anything on the map.
In PvE the characters and vehicles are also non-obstacles so this way blocking passage is also not possible.


I am aware it is unlikely you can completely block access, by the way I did not try but if you place a 3 by 3 claims linked and remove center claim you get, in theory a blocked area, if mineral field is small this makes it, in theory, possible to completely block it, again I did not try and feel sad for anyone that thinks it is a good idea. Anyway, post was about intentionally or at least looks intentional, hindering other players path to resources, by placing multiple claims around it, leaving no path or single square path on each side and was meant as a simple warning that if there is no, improved way, to, irony, block or condition this from happening, it will continue to be a reason some players quit game, other example placing claims in meadows or rushing boss events, that last the pre event timer was improvement so all I am referring is need to keep looking at ways players use to, many time, without even gaining anything from it or hindering themselves along with all others, making it harder for most players to enjoy the game,



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