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Whats your most favorite space game?

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I really liked StarDrive when it came out and thought about modding it as well, but the guy who made it (Zero) did a pretty good job of making me angry and turning me off from any product he does in the future, sadly.

When people sell a product they should deliver on the promises made, especially to early backers, or at least give a heartfelt apology and explanation about why certain features couldn't be added.  Instead he provided a slight bit of adjustment after the initial launch, offered up a generic excuse as to why the engine wouldn't support multiplayer, then moved right into StarDrive 2 while offering a miniscule coupon at best to any purchasers of StarDrive 1.  I don't really see myself forking over another $30 or $40 for stuff that was originally promised in the first game.

In short, it was about the exact opposite of what I've seen from AT so far.  You guys seem to strive hard to put down clear lines between what you're offering, what you're working on, what you'd -like- to accomplish and what you -know- the game is capable of.  The distinction is important to people like me, as is the fact that you seem to really encourage your modding community, even the small one existing right now. :D

1 space base 13
2 space rangers 2
3 Space pirates and zombies (carrier and aboard style)
4 stars!
5 MOO2
6 ftl

Space Rangers(both);
X 2,3;
Homeworld 2;
Star Wars Battlefront(space battles);
and Void Expanse ofcourse. ;)

apart from VoidExpanse

Dark Star One
Galaxy on Fire
Endless Space
Smugglers V
Evochron Mercenary
Kinetic Void
Wing Commander
Galactic Arms Race
Space Rangers
Miner Wars 2081


--- Quote from: Tchey on September 14, 2014, 07:52:49 am ---You should also look at Unending Galaxy, promising !

--- End quote ---

thanks for the hint, looks intresting, will give it a try this weekend.


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