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For the devs...

Would it be possible to increase the max Galaxy size even more? I think that Kunix's universe is already finished... a bigger galaxy would make it last a bit longer. Ofcourse regenerating and invading aliens would give the galaxy infinity but that's something for the future maybe :P - Maybe also add more difficulty?

Sure, it's possible.

You can create an extremely simple mod for the game where you just put a different number for the number of stars in the galaxy.

Just extract the core.cpk and see what's inside. There are a few other things you can tweak. For example the number of systems owned by each faction (including Xengatarn).

Lets say I am able to make that mod that would increase the world size even more and tweak some more things - would this then be a server only mod, or would the clients connecting also need the mod?
My humble guess would be server only

Yes, it would be server-only mod. And in fact, after the galaxy is generated you could even disable it completely.

1. create a mod
2. add mod to the server
3. generate the galaxy
4. stop the server
5. remove the mod
6. now you have the server with bigger galaxy
7. ???
8. profit?


You don't need to create the mod. You could just extract the core.cpk file (and delete this file), edit a single file in script (see below). Then the game will run with the extracted core.cpk. That's something we've recently implemented to simplify the modding.

You need to edit just a one line of script located at:

--- Code: ---(from core.cpk) data\scripts\internal\GenerateGalaxy.js
--- End code ---
This line:

--- Code: ---NumOfSystems = Math.floor(50 + 50 * (args.galaxy_size / 255));
--- End code ---
Replace it with, for example:

--- Code: ---NumOfSystems = 300;
--- End code ---

Then when you start the new game on the server, it will generate a new galaxy with the specified number of the systems.

So, you don't need to create the mod. Backup core.cpk, extract it into the same folder where core.cpk was located and delete "core.cpk" (so there will be folder "core" or "core.cpk" instead of archive "core"). The game will use the files from the extracted folder.



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