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Pariah's station - cannot unduck


In the Pariahs station, there's two ports to enter the station and one has the word "Bar" written on top of it. Now when I want to unduck sometimes my ship comes out of one port, sometimes the other, but when it tries to come out of the "Bar" port, it automatically ducks again, without me pressing anything on keyboard or mouse.
This is happening consistently, this happened four times in a row until it came out the other port, and then happened again when I ducked that station later on in the game.
Thank you :)

Edit: darn, I just noticed forum has different sections for different games. Sorry about posting in the wrong place, this is about VoidExpanse.

Thanks for reporting!

We will fix it right now.

Please update DLC (it should happen automatically with Steam version and with our GameLauncher).

Cryofall has spacestations now?  :o

Dammit, i -knew- i should have looked more closely at the sky  :P

@MenschMaschine, well perhaps CryoFall is VE on a planet :-)...


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