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AutoPilot fail in reaching stations [2.0.3] [SP]


This issue occurred only for this particular station in a star system of the Freedom faction. Right after jumping to this star system I'd enable AutoPilot for the point in map where the station was, and the AP would show a "autopilot disengaged" message, please see screenshot: http://www.mediafire.com/view/dv1sb7sgfaok0f2/Untitled.png. The "A" on the radar is the station, it's a straight path from where the jumpgate is (no obstacles).
This issue occurs consistently, after going to a different system and coming back, or restarting the game. Also I noticed if I fly away just a little from the jumpgate, AP would work, it's just in the vicinity of the jumpgate that it wouldn't fly.
I hope this is enough information to find the issue :) I finished the game and coming back to the map the star systems are completely different from what I had before.

This happens when the destination points to a position inside some physical objects, meaning that the ship cannot technically go to that exact position. To address it just put the autopilot destination close to that position, but in a place there is no other object and it will work.

Well the weird thing is I don't change the destination points, AP failed for a specific location (very near the jumpgate) and works elsewhere without changing the point.
It's no big deal, I'm confident it will be very difficult to reproduce as I have finished the game 3 or 4 times and encountered this on just one station (although it was consistent).
Thanks anyway :)


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