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Saving the game


As noted in my other post I have reinstalled and began a new career within the game. Maybe my thinking is wrong but I could swear you used to be able to save your game while on a station. I dont see the save button now if it  was there once. Does the game auto save when you dock? The only other way I see to save is to hit escape and choose save & exit.

Id really like to save while in game and not exit each time. Am I just missing how to do it?

Yes, the game autosaves whenever you see a loading screen of any kind (like jumping or entering/exiting a station). And it also saves in space if the last save was some minutes ago. No need to worry about it :)

Great thank you. I worry when I dont have a save button :P Its the old man gamer in me.

Well, in that case just imagine that you are playing Diablo 2 :)
It also autosaves constantly :)


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