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Testing new server. Please bare with me! SkyCemetery

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That galaxy looking very dense. 759 stars, 88037 asteroids, 9486 ships, 114 stations, 1617 jumpgates. That's really a lot and the game was not designed for this amount of objects. Use on your own risk :-).

Ok so I bought server pieces from EBay. Im used to building my own computers but its gonna be the first time I build a server. So these are the specs that I chose:

4 x Opteron 12 cores = Total 48 cores --- http://www.ebay.com/itm/151657673560
Dell PowerEdge c6145 quad socket --- http://www.ebay.com/itm/391052116121
Hynix 64gb (16x4gb) ddr3 1333 ----- http://www.ebay.com/itm/322241125387
Rosewill rsv-z2600 black ----- http://www.ebay.com/itm/182548697276
HP 1200W powerSupply ----- http://vod.ebay.ca/vod/FetchOrderDetails?transid=1430640884014&itemid=332264066458&qu=1&ul_noapp=true

Missing the harddrive and missing the heatsinks... I might use my tiny 128gb KingstonSSD to test the server first when i receive it. I wasn't sure about the powersupply since it says its a refurbished model but anyway... I think this whole lot is better than my first thought of going with a HP Proliant DL585 with no ram and harddrives at 300$ + shipping 150$... Right now i am at 585$ without heatsinks. Those heatsinks are approx 25$ to 50$ for 4 so id end up at 585 + 150 or 200 = approx 800$... This is me choosing a server before choosing to buy a Oculus rift which is pretty much the same price new with the oculus touch included. I figured I love to program but If I want to test new stuff and use Unity3d with terrain generation tests I need something really powerfull and a Oculus Rift+touch wont really help me with that so. I wanna have a dedicated server thought for VoidExpanse. Im still not sure which OS im gonna use on this server. I was thinking maybe Ubuntu but im not really experimented with the "sudooooo" stuff.

What are your thoughts guys?
Oh by the way the pieces are ordered except the heatsinks.

This will be raw game server or modded? I'm currentry working on mod that adds to game a lot of contend i wan't to know if u will be interesting in running ur serwer with this mod.

Hi Acuru!

This will be (if the parts alltogether ever work- they are all used parts in very good condition though as stated in the adds- i didnt choose sellers with 0 reputation) a Modded server. I really want to take my time to choose the best mods around and make it a completely overhauled gameplay. Things are getting quite nice on my end with the Follower Mod and the Drone Mod.

If I ever am interested in your mod or parts of your mod I will definitely incorporate them and let you know. I will also give the credit to the Creator of the mod itself if I choose some parts or the whole mod!


I bought game few days ago, and hence started to moding it. Im working as game developer and programmer, so i would say i have some experience in it ;) Anyway fell free to take parts of my future mods, i won't mind. Propablly it take some time to finish my first mod to state that i want.



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