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I just want to ask if there are any plans to futher develop this game? Another dlc, patches?

Well, I will just leave this link here to my previous reply to the same question

Sadly, but that's the reality.

We have actively supported and regularly improved the game for two years after the release on Steam.
Only patches with fixes are planned (currently there are only a few small issues and it's not worth to release a patch).
We're focused on CryoFall now.

Well that is understable that u can't make two games at once :)

But how about including some moded content into core game? Like more manufacturing option that i just made? As i read negative comments on steam, people are mainly complaing about lack of content (more quest etc.).

Yes, it is possible. But it has to be prepared to the exactly same level of quality and standards used in the base game.
I haven't yet looked at your mods, but when you are done - if everything is good and up to standard I will be more than happy to include it in the base game :)


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