CryoFall - Patch notes v1.33.x (R33 Winter Update)

Started by ai_enabled, February 18, 2022, 08:37:37 AM


=== CryoFall v1.33.1.8 (Winter Update) ===

New features:
    - New biome: Arctic (can be found above Boreal biome).   
    - New monsters: Brood nest, Brood guardian, Brood drone (a reliable source of Keinite, available in the Artic biome).
    - New wild animals: Polar bear, Polar wolf.   
    - New item: Canned coffee which can be unlocked in Tier 4 Canning technology group.
    - New exclusive skins for Supporter Pack owners (four new CryoFall-themed skins for Heavy rifle, Heavy machine gun, Assault armor and helmet).   
    - New skins (for all energy and exotic weapons).
    - New status effects: Cold and Frostbite.
    - Fire, stove, furnace, generators, etc. will now give off heat helping you stay warm in the cold environment of the newly added Arctic biome.
    - Updated map with the new biome and a few minor changes.   

    - Increased attack range (+10%) for Revolver to give it a bonus compared to other weapons of the same tier (previously Luger had a similar bonus).
    - Bosses are able to damage hoverboards now.
    - Public faction members are displayed on the map (same as for the private faction).
    - Vehicles can be transferred to faction ownership for the public faction (same as for the private faction; a disclaimer will prevent accidental vehicle transfer to the faction ownership).
    - Increased Compost tumbler organic capacity by 4 times.
    - Neural recombinator (a special device to reset the tech tree) now has shortened usage cooldownΓÇöit cannot be used more often than once per 24 hours in multiplayer and once per 4 hours on local server (as the local server is usually played intermittently compared to a multiplayer server which is usually kept running 24/7).
    - Destroying farm plants (even the spoiled ones) will provide some fibers (same as when harvesting spoiled plants).
    - Increased trading station maximum lot cost. Also, the default tab for trading station owners is "Stock" now to make it faster to refill the stock.

Technical & modding:
    - Editor: Improved Zones toolΓÇönow it will display the list of zone names for the zones present under the mouse cursor.
    - Added server-side notification localization (e.g. errors for structure placement returned by the server will be displayed in the language selected by the player now).
    - Upgraded to .NET 6 Runtime.

    - Sand Tyrant's explosions were triggered early by explosions from grenades and keinite cannon.
    - Corrected draw order for mech cannon muzzle flashes.
    - Added "muzzle flash" for Spitter and Drone creatures, Nemesis mech weapons.
    - Improved tile decals selection algorithm to prevent multiple decals of the same layer (draw order) to be selected for the same tile.
    - Neural recombinator returned Learning points that were spent not only on the tech research but also on the faction level upgrades.
    - When exploding a meteorite with mining charges the loot scattered a bit too far away from it.
    - It was possible to configure a buying lot in a trading station to require an amount higher than the maximum stack size for the particular item.

    - This update is compatible with the savegames from the previous (R30-R32) versions (you can upgrade your server to the new version and continue playing). However, new content (such as the Arctic biome and creatures there) is available only when you play on the new map (it's not possible to update the map). Therefore, if you're playing on the local server we would recommend finishing the current save (escape the planet) and then using the New Game + feature with which your character will be transferred to a new world while retaining the unlocked skills, technologies, etc.
    - Community server owners can choose whether to update (server update guide ( or not (we're providing legacy R32 client version in Steam Client -> CryoFall Game properties -> BETAS tab)
    - Some mods may be not updated by their authors to support this version. You can contact the mod authors to ask them to update their mods.


=== CryoFall v1.33.1.15 (R33 Patch #1) ===

Official PvP server changes with this patch:
- Base shield duration is reduced from default 54 hours to 28 hours.
- The oil/Li deposit lifetime duration is reduced from default 4 days to 2 days.
- Longer wipes: Starting with the wipe this Friday (29th July) the official PvP servers will wipe every 2 weeks instead of every week.
The same changes are also coming to CryoSmall!

Patch notes:
- Double-clicking on the recipe icon in the manufacturer's recipes list will select the recipe.
- PvP: Floor is no longer damageable when the base is under shield protection. Please note: shield prevents damage ONLY to the: walls, doors, turrets, floor (but not farm plots); secure everything else with walls to prevent damage.
- Quest: Secure better water source ΓÇö building a well will also satisfy the quest conditions.
- Updated .NET 6 Runtime to version 6.0.7.

New server rates:
- "[Resources] [PvP] Deposit lifetime duration" (configured in seconds) ΓÇö defines the lifetime of oil/Li deposits (available only on PvP servers).
- "[PvP] Base S.H.I.E.L.D. protection duration" (configured in seconds) ΓÇö defines the max duration of the shield protection.

- PvP: Fixed an issue when joining the server while you have a base under raided sometimes resulted in a broken UI.
- It was not possible to place farm plots over the charred ground (marks left after explosions).
- Copying world coordinates from the world map was not perfectly accurate.

If you're hosting a community server and wish to update, please follow this guide:


The list of changes for the upcoming offifcial PvP servers wipe.

Official PvP servers wipe 16th June 2023

   - Increased team size on Global PvP to 25 members
   - Increased construction (and deconstruction!) speed by 6X (please be sure to use the T3 steel toolbox whenever possible as it's still the fastest one)
   - Increased oil/Li extraction output from public spots by 5X
   - Reduced oil/Li lifetime to 24 hours (previously it was 48 hours)
   - Decreased T2 land claim destruction timeout to 5 hours (previously it was 28 hours)
   - 10X more faction score points for controlling the oil/Li deposits (the land claim MUST be transferred to the faction ownership)
   - NO faction score points provided when using S.H.I.E.L.D. protection on the captured oil/Li deposits
   - Fixed an issue when it was possible to use S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect a small base which is completely inside another 3x3 base

Other settings:
(there are no actual changes, we want just to inform you about the current settings)
   - Community-created map: Duality v1.2.1 (the latest version with more teleports)
    - 5X LP, skills, crafting speed, farm growth speed, etc
   - 5X item stack size
   - 3X items gathering rate and creatures loot   
   - Bosses difficulty & loot: 7.0 (at least 7 players/5 mechs recommended)
   - Full loot drop on death
   - GTA mod enabled (can take any unoccupied vehicle, no vehicle ownership verification)

(also no changes here)
   - T3 Basic ΓÇö available after 1 day
   - T3 Specialized ΓÇö after 2 days
   - T4 Basic+Specilized ΓÇö after 4 days
   - T5 Basic+Specialized ΓÇö after 9 days