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Mods / [Client+Server] PvPvE Server Bundle Mod
August 10, 2021, 12:52:36 AM
Hi Guys,

this is not a single Mod its a Mod Bundle for running a special PvPvE Server. The bundle includes some other mods.
Why? Because its easier to just Copy one MPK File instead of multiple.

What is the Mod about?
The Mod is about mor NPC Intercation like NPC Events and PvE/PvP Zones in one Server. The mod includes a sepcial adapted map by Salvick.

How to install the Mod?

Currently the Server with that mod is running on GUID: 483D6D8B430220775439623B1A1D3296

Mods included
- PvPvE Mod
- Hardcore Desert
- Mutant Crawlers Infestation
- Crossbow
- Sappling Tree
- Tool & Weapon repair station
Hi Guys,

I am currently working on a system that reads the server logs and sends special information to an endpoint that processes the information and makes it available to VIa API.
For this I wrote a tool that hooks into the logs and analyzes them continuously to capture special events and send them to the endpoint.

I have planned such statistics like
- Which resources were collected how often
- How often died
- How often killed
- Who killed how often
- By whom how often died
- Which creeps and how often killed

This information can be sent in near real time to a Discord or retrieved from the API for independent use.

Currently a test server is running which is already collecting data:

Please leave me your opinion and ideas.

Greetings J422
UID: 483D6D8B430220775439623B1A1D3296
Team Limit: 2
Gather/Lp: 2.5x
Party EP: 50%
Item stack: 2.0x
Wipe: Every 3 weeks
High stack size (2.0x)
Active moderated via Discord

Statistics after each run (Leaderboard: Top Killer, Top Gatherer, ...)
Rotating Maps

The Server is running with a modification of mine which collects statistics of each player and saves it to a database. E.x. How many kills, how much gathered.
THe mod is currently in the testing phase. After the test is done the mod will delivered to to mod section.