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Bug reports / Re: Pariah's station - cannot unduck
July 05, 2017, 11:50:34 AM
Cryofall has spacestations now?  :o

Dammit, i -knew- i should have looked more closely at the sky  :P

If you do not know Socrates, look him up before you freak out and/or feel insulted or attacked.
None of that is intended  :-)

With that out of the way,
I fondly remember the days when you heard about a new game, in a game magazine made of paper
at most a month or two in advance of its release.

Good Times. Easy Times for gamers.

Now there are how many? Let's just say... 7 entirely different newsplatforms with millions of readers,
partici-pants each, rumourizing around, gullible and easily impressed.

It certainly helps small studios getting the word around about something they make.
And it quenches the today's gamers thirst for immediate satisfaction, perceived importance,
and at times even self-entitlement.

A Trend, in my personal view, that arose from the Developers telling the gamers that they matter,
from the very beginning of the planning stages of a game.
Combined with the "early access"-systems that are now in place, Developers kinda shot themselves
into their own foot.

These days, announcing a game easily results in thousands and thousands of posts, tweets, comments.
Small Developers usually do not have the manpower to read, much less process all those suggestions,
wishes, thoughts.

And yet, simply the action of posting often enough makes the gamers -think- that what they write
will be read and thought about, maybe even replied to or implemented into the new shiny gem that in their
mind will (again) be the best game for all time.

Nowadays, Developers of games have a problem. They have ONE vision, 1 dream, A plan.
And millions of gamers who all have their own visions, dreams, plans.
Obviously, Developers want to make games that appeal to many people, so they can sell many copies
of their game. (there -are- other reasons too of course, but... let's be honest)

That can become an act of balance, to get the vision right, coherent and true without alienating or
even losing too many future customers. But then again, gamers these days have a short-lived memory.
They may complain and whine and even file lawsuits, but a few weeks, or even days into the future,
the next buzz, hype, promise is already there, nagging, nagging for their attention.

How do gamers today keep afloat in the ocean of perceived great games, without drowning, losing their
integrity, wasting time and money and more importantly, commitment to The Next Big Thing?

How do Developers cope with their brainchildren being questioned, poked, prodded from all sides
without losing their way, -their- integrity, fans and customers?

Sometimes, i wish i would develop games. SO many ideas...
Sometimes, i am glad that i don't. SO many traps...
Game discussion / Re: World editor
January 17, 2017, 02:39:36 AM
So there will be talking oceans and beachsand that communicates through emotes.

I Love It!

Cannot wait to get my first quest from the duckpond behind my house.

Mods / Re: tools for modding?
October 15, 2015, 09:19:05 AM
Vuhuu! :-)
That is a very sweet sound to my ear and my other ear!
General Discussions / Re: New game?
August 20, 2015, 05:12:52 AM
*grins* What did you expect, Silberspeer?
This is what happens when you ask People about their Dreams and
Opinions instead of Reality and Achievability.

It was a bit of an unfair start anyways,
similar to a Magician asking a Person from the Audience
"Which Number do i think of right now?"

You are of course correct. After all, in Gamedesign there is no Place for Democracy.
You create, We play. And if you are smart, You allow modding the Game so We
can add some Stuff and, much more important, keep it alive after you moved on to
other Projects.

And so far, especially compared to the Hundreds of hyped-up Steam-Games
that are left to die after a few Months you are doing a bang-up Job, i'd say.
*grins wickedly* HA! I know what it is!

Void Expanse</>Starbound crossover Content!
If you love someone, set them free *wink*
Modding info / Re: software to creating hull
July 16, 2015, 02:31:46 AM
Additional Remark:
*.OBJ files are generally used to store 3d-point data of a model.

If you are unsure about how to open certain files, a websearch for "obj fileextenstion"
(as an example), will find several websites that help with information
about such files, what they are, how to open them, etc.
I just elevated VE over some million dollar gameprojects and get -no- thanks?

(just kidding, i do not need thanks, I live on AC-DC after all.)
And compared to ED or SC,  VE does not fail.
Ineptie, hmmm, the german equivalent would be "Unfähigling" (without the quotes *grin*)

About Love...
Hmpf, now i kinda hope the devs mess up the game so
you hate it. Then there would be a place in your heart for me again.
*secretly injects some code into the game so even stations,
asteroids and spacegarbage tries to ram you*
Now you opened the doors wide for all sorts of stuff,
why focus on some problem that clearly is a users creation
instead of, like Lurler meant already, reminding them to use
their brains when selecting mods.

But, to not end without a constructive idea, which is bad:
A better solution would have been to check if
Maneuverability Or Max speed is 0
(and ONLY those two need to be checked because in any other case
you still can fly back and dock and change stuff. Sure, it might take a while,
but people do not learn without experiencing pain anyways >;o)= ) .

That test could be implemented directly into an undock function
and if any of those two variables are 0, you cannot undock and
you get a message describing that situation with a hint to check
your mods.

Neatly done, it could be an Undock sign with black and yellow
diagonal stripes and a message from the harbourmaster, saying that
there was an incident and you cannot launch with your shipconfiguration.

That way, the allegedly (!) gamebreaking thingy becomes even (RP)game-enhancing *winkwink*
If you have 1 apple, that's 100% of apple.
If i take away from you 100% apple, you have -100% apple, or better said, no apple.
That sounds perfectly logical to me.

There is nothing gamebreaking at all involved.
As i see it, the developers of a game can not to be made responsible for effects
that result from combining modifications that on their own work perfect.

If someone uses a mod-combination that renders his or her game unplayable...
well... That's kinda dumb, i'll say.

Much more important though, it is NOT to be blamed on the developers and
i find it very weird that this turns up here in bugreports. Because it aint a bug,
it's  wrong usage of mods by a user.

Edit: As i started this post, Lurlers post was not published, mine just took longer to type
( i am probably older ;o) )
*falls in Love with Ineptie because of such fine, namecontradicting skills in Grammar and Syntax*
Bug reports / Re: Dock option stuck on screen
May 24, 2015, 10:34:20 AM
More information is needed :)
Which OS do you use?
Do you use mods? And if so: Which ones do you use?
If you use mods, have you seen that alleged bug also -without- mods?
Is is stuck only in your saved game, or also in a new game?