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Thanks, now everything works fine.

Thanks, i changed my password and i'm able to download the game, editor and the supporter pack.

Buuuuuuuttt ...........

When i want to log in to the editor it says loggin failed because i don`t own the game on my account.
Am i just so incompetent that all these problems come my way?
Or is some god pissed at me?

Again, please help ......
I really hate to be such a bother, but i got a new problem.
I was still logged in from yesterday and was able to download the editor.

Thanks again for that.
But in the editor itself, my login did fail.
I thought this could be because i'm still logged in in the site, so i logged out.
And now, my login doesn't work on the site or the editor.

I tried two different browser with the same result.

Hi !

Thanks for the reply.
Did you mean the button "Link account"?
Because i tried it and i got
"The method or operation is not implemented."

Greetings from Bavaria,
Hi !

How do i get the Editor with the Epic Game Store Version?